The Algerian GSPC, Al-Qaeda and Terror Activities on the Web

The data contained in this post has been compiled over a period of months and some of the hypothesis are a stretch but the overall conclusion is certainly possible, I leave it for you to decide.

I believe the following gives cursory evidence to show a financial and organizational link between the Algerian “Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat? (GSPC) a known Al-Qaida affiliated terrorist organization and the world wide shipping corporation “Falcon Freight and Securities?. The GSPC home page is under the heading of When I initially created this document the websites mentioned here were active. Since that time most of them have moved web hosts and changed names several times and currently may or may not be found online. If the site’s are offline, archives of their pages can be found via the Internet Archives “Way Back Machine? by entering the target URL and searching the archives database.

A brief history of the GSPC:

“The Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat (GSPC) is a violently extremist group based in Algeria. The organization has operated since 1996 and is now the most significant terrorist movement in Algeria. The Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat broke off from the Armed Islamic Group (GIA), which was the primary terrorist entity during the 1992-2000 insurgency in Algeria. GIA aims to create an Islamist state in Algeria.”

Muslihoon briefly on Salafism:

“As Muslims, it is our duty to correct our wayward brothers and sisters. They must be brough back to the True Religion, to obey Allah by obeying Islam. Those Muslims who refuse to repent of their sins, to learn about Islam, and to obey Islam correctly are guilty of intentionally rebelling against Allah. They are the munaafiquun (hypocrites). To intentionally reject Allah is kufr, and Allah’s Word commands us to slay all kaafiriin (may Allah’s curse be upon them!). Those who provoke other Muslims to reject Allah and Islaam are spreading fitnah and they must also be slayed for the sake of Allah and His diin.”

The example to follow will focus on three websites, on two servers, in two countries and a PO box address in the Netherlands. Pay close attention to the website URLs as they change or I will lose you.
We start with the website of Jihad Algeria at: (the site is currently offline)

I initially came across Jihad-Algeria website while researching the Beslan School Massacre in North Ossetia. Intrigued by the amount of Jihadist death and destruction images, films and files on I gave it a thorough looking over. While in the process of this I decided to add a “/~admin? to the URL ( to see if there were other sites hosted under this domain name or “hidden” but unlinked web server directories. This brought up the home page of “Falcon Freight and Securities? at

The mailing address of Falcon Freight and Securities is:
“Museumstraat 5
52 11 HS Groningen
The Netherlands
All correspondents (sic) should be directed to:

Notice the “ domain name is different than the page are currently on, which is:

The “Corporate Profile? of “Falcon Freight and Securities? is:
“Falcon came into existence after careful analysis of the existing Freight and Forwarding Companies, Handling and Delivery of baggages, goods and other valuables of the public. The business of transporting, storage and delivery forms a complete system and that’s what Falcon is based on. With this in mind, Falcon Freight Services was formed in 1994, while Falcon Securities was established in the year 2000. The two entities merged into: FALCON FREIGHT AND SECURITIES INC. in the year 2002.
With 7 offices in major cities of the world, and tens of affiliated agents, Falcon reaches all the corners of the Globe faster than most other freight and delivery company.”

If we look at the contact email address on this page and remove the “info @? and add a “www? we get a new domain name of . This website is identical to the one that is hosted on the server with two exceptions. It is hosted on it’s own server. And it is hosted at EV1 Hosting in Houston Texas, USA and is registered to someone named “Henry?.

Who is/was Henry?

The DNS/WHOIS info for Falcon-FS is:
bkk, th 11000
Domain name: FALCON-FS.COM
Administrative Contact:
henry, henry
bkk, th 11000
66-14377009 Fax: 66-32433280
Technical Contact:
Customer Service, EV1 Servers
2600 SW Freeway
Suite 500
Houston, Texas 77098

“Henry” ( is also involved in Nigerian 419 Scams.
( Fund raising for the global jihad? It beats selling dough nuts I guess.)
Both and are currently registered as follows:
Falcon Freight System

398 El Horria Street Mostafa Kamel st.
Alexandria, na na
Administrative Contact :
Falcon Freight System
398 El Horria Street Mostafa Kamel st.
Alexandria, na na

In summary, we have discovered the following:
– The “Falcon Freight and Securities” website was actually co-hosted on the “Jihad Algeria” web server in a sub directory, (hosted in Houston Texas, USA).

– It’s next webserver was in New Jersey (as, there was a job placement site hidden in a sub directory on this server but these two are both offline as of this writing.

– It later resurfaced as before going offline shortly after the death of a top GSPC commander.

– We learned a bit about “Henry” with the contact address in Thailand who was the admin contact for and who had a penchant for 419 cash scams.

– The domain names of and are currently registered to a Mohamad in Egypt.

– Niether of the “old” Falcon Freight sites are currently online, however, I believe the current version of it has changed to The Falcon Freight.

– The mailing addresses of the and websites switched between the Netherlands, Egypt and Saudi Arabia when they were online.
“The Falcon Freight” website is vaguely similar to the others and is currently registered to:
Falcon Freight
P.O.Box 1633
Jeddah 21441
Jeddah, non non
Saudi Arabia
Note that there is a link on the Falcon Freight website to an “Associate” company in the US details as follows:
1201 Corbin Street, Suite 2-32
Elizabeth Plaza, Elizabeth NJ07201

Falcon Freight

P.O.Box 1633
Jeddah 21441
Jeddah, non non
Saudi Arabia

Registered through:
Created on: 15-Sep-03
Expires on: 15-Sep-06
Last Updated on: 18-Sep-05

Administrative Contact:
Al Qahtani, Naser Ahmed
Falcon Freight
P.O.Box 1633
Jeddah 21441
Jeddah, non non
Saudi Arabia
096626483869 Fax — 096626472219

Technical Contact:
Al Qahtani, Naser Ahmed
Falcon Freight
P.O.Box 1633
Jeddah 21441
Jeddah, non non
Saudi Arabia
096626483869 Fax — 096626472219

I can currently find no website for “World Wide Freight Services USA Inc.” but I bet they’re the guys to call if you need to ship something from Saudi Arabia to New Jersey. To put things in perspective Al-Qaeda is known to have representatives in over 80 countries around the world.

Your comments are welcome.


20 Responses to “The Algerian GSPC, Al-Qaeda and Terror Activities on the Web”

  1. “( Fund raising for the global jihad? It beats selling dough nuts I guess.)”

    I love that! Thanks for the chuckle! :-)

  2. […] As I noted in two earlier posts here and here, the GSPC has had a bit of help with keeping thier sites online. One of thier earlier websites was registered to one “Songkod Sataratpayoon” (ie: who was also into Nigerian 419 Scams and Phishing attacks. I’ve revisited Mr. Songkod and done a bit of research into his online presence. A brief summary of my findings follows after the break. […]

  3. […] I referred to a shipping company in a previous write-up regarding the GSPC and some activity I discovered some time ago. A poster over at Wizbang asked where he could find that write up so I’m linking it, with additional information, in this post. […]

  4. major cities in algeria

    Interesting post. I came across this blog by accident, but it was a good accident. I have now bookmarked your blog for future use. Best wishes. Cheb Khaled Website Team.

  5. Cheb Khaled, the musical style of “rai” and history of the “Young Khaled” is interesting to me. I plan on doing more research into the form and trying it out.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Thank you for this investigation.

    Why do you believe that “Falcon Freight And Securities” becomed the “Falcon Freight” ? This enterprise seems to exist since 25 years old, according to their website.

  7. At the time there were vague similarities between the two sites. My suspicions at the time of this writing (about a year ago) were based on that. The old Falcon-FS site talked about how great they were as well but they were still hosting the GSPC’s website at the time. The lesson here is that using a seemingly legitimate business as a front does not automatically preclude someone from coming under suspicion for terror related activities.

    For what it’s worth the website of the GSPC has moved about six times in the last year and it is currently hosted in a sub directory of a website that openly supports Al-Qaeda.

  8. “At the time there were vague similarities between the two sites.”

    There is no evidence that “Falcon Freight” and Falcon Freight And Securities” are the same business.

    We can find that in Internet Archive:
    Office Location:

    521/2 Jetjumnong Road, Tambon Bangplasoi
    Amphur Muang, Chonburi 20000
    Tel: —————————— +665 043 9262
    Fax:—————————— +665 057 4409
    International Operations Office:— +1 775 667 5546
    Email: —————————-

    Is this the same site you’ve seen first ?

  9. No, it’s not. There were several different versions (physical location, site content and registrar) that happened around that same time frame. The last incarnation I bothered to look at had contact information for executives and corporate offices in Egypt.

    Don’t let the original post date fool you, this article was initially written at least 6+ months prior to the post date here, I would say mid 2004 at least.

    You are correct in your statement that “There is no evidence that “Falcon Freight” and Falcon Freight And Securities” are the same business”, not anymore anyway. In the past there may have been cause for suspicion, a couple of years after the fact (now) isn’t the time to start trying to research it, the data trail is long gone (keeping in mind I initially wrote this when the site was active, circa 2004).

    Consider as well that the names that they chose often varied slightly between websites and what was “The Falcon Freight” than, may not be the same physical site, DNS registrar or site content now. You need to remember that the original site was hosted under the domain of as a sub directory and I believe they took great pains to disguise any links between the old and new versions.

    Regardless of that, what is your point? Do you have additional information regarding that time frame or are you just digging through an 18+ month old article and arguing over data that is no longer available?

  10. There is no evidence too of what you say about the jihad algeria site: only your own evidence.

    We can find that in Internet Archive about Falcon Freight:

    Saudi Arabia

    P.O.BOX – 1633,
    JEDDAH 21441
    Kingdom or Saudi Arabia

    TEL: 6743710 / 6476087 /6482865
    FAX: 6472219


    United States

    RAHWAY, NJ07065

    TEL: (732) 381-7800, FAX: (732) 381-7807



    What means the US numero 732 ?

    The US numero is 732, like the numero of WORLD WIDE FREIGHT SERVICES (U.S.A) INC. New-Jersey:
    Tel: 001-732 727 1700

    I don’t find the numero 732 in others freight companies of New-Jersey on the Directory Freight Forwarding Services:

  11. I don’t find the numero 732 in others freight companies of New-Jersey on the Directory Freight Forwarding Services:

    hum, not in all…

  12. “There is no evidence too of what you say about the jihad algeria site: only your own evidence.”

    No kidding, the post is over two years old as I stated above but don’t worry los Federales knew where it was as well. The site, which the first Falcon Freight site above was hosted in a sub-directory of, has been offline for years. The Internet Archive, as usfull as it is, is not the final authority on matters such as this as they only archive select sites and only select pages on the sites they do crawl.

    The initial URL was: “”

    Regarding the website you keep linking to called “The Falcon Freight”, the old sites referenced that name as well but they are not the same site, not the same content and not the same reference materials, do you understand? I believe you are not comprehending what you are reading in the initial post completely, langauge barrier maybe?

    But as I’ve said six times already, that site is long gone and there is no record of that page as it is too old, neither the Internet Archive nor Google has cached it with the URL above.

    If your trying to convince me the two sites werent in tandem as I said, don’t bother. I know where the last six or so GSPC sites have been hosted and I was instrumental in the closing of at least three of those. I know where it currently resides and I’ll know where it moves to next. I also know where you are posting from and that you are probably sympathetic to the causes of the GSPC so save the bullshit for someone else.

  13. Aurelien,
    On further investigation it turns out as I suspected, that you are simply a troll who is wasting my time. You (and your compatriots) coming here from the 911 conspiracy site “” (which no doubt blames the Muslim terror attacks in the US on that day on President Bush, or Garden Gnomes or something… anything but the filthy Salafists that really murdered all those people.

    Your posts are here:

    I’ll waste no more time on you.

  14. WayBackMachine, the Internet Archive, are also gone. ,

  15. Hello BF

    Refering to Falcon Freight & American Lines Worldwide Freight Services , I would like to know more about your findings to this date.
    Looking forwarding to read from your comments…


  16. David,
    The initial web site is offline (not that it matters) and the “Falcon Freight” initially referenced here may not even be in business at this time. The circumstances at the time were intriguing but at four years old the information above should not be relied on at all. Do you have a specific question or area of interest?


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