Muslim Brotherhood and GSPC regrouping in North Africa

The Counter Terror Blog has an interesting although unsuprising article on the resurgance of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafist GSPC in North Africa. Representatives from the Muslim Brotherhood have reportedly been visiting Khartoum, Sudan and I suspect the Government of President Omar Hassan El-Bashir. El-Bashir is a devout Salafist and has made great efforts to impose Islamic Law (Sharia) over the Sudanese people. Evidently the GSPC has formed new training camps particularly in Mali and Chad. A current map of North Africa is available here for those that need a refresher.

That these entities would now be working together is only fitting, El-Bashir is suspected of promoting the recent Genocide in Sudan against black African Christians by supporting the Muslim Janjaweed militia’s in thier efforts to kill, enslave or drive the Africans from thier land.

I recommend you read the entire article at the Counter Terror Blog for complete details.


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