Explaining the Moral Justification Behind Salafism

Muslihoon wrote an extended post explaining the moral justifications of a Salafist from thier point of view. It is of note that the bulk of Islamist Terror Organisations can be considered Salafi in one way or another. The point of view also explains how Salafists justify, in thier own mind, the killing and oppressing of other Muslims to reach thier goals. I have read and re-read this post to understand it fully and compare it to what I already assume is correct regarding Islamists and Salafists, it does add valuable context to my perception of militant Islamists.
Muslihoon, if I failed to interperate your post correctly feel free to correct my mistake.


One Response to “Explaining the Moral Justification Behind Salafism”

  1. Spot on, indeed. Thank you for mentioning the post!

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