Bolton, Timmerman are Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

I’m a firm believer that they will never recieve it as the Nobel Prize is now reserved for enemies of the lapdogs on the United Nations. Arafat, El Baradie as examples. However, the JINSA website states in regard to the nomination of John Bolton and Ken Timmerman for the Prize.

“Per Ahlmark, JINSA Fellow and former Deputy Prime Minister of Sweden announced in the February 7 edition of the Wall Street Journal the nomination of Amb. John Bolton and Ken Timmerman for the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize, for their longstanding work to expose Iran’s secret nuclear weapons program.

Let us focus on the good guys. The fools of the Iranian nuclear tragedy we already know. The International Atomic Energy Agency was duped for 18 years. Since its start in 1985, Iran’s atomic program has been an ambitious, highly deceptive project. However, the IAEA gave the regime a clean bill of nuclear health, over and over again. The first 12 of those years, gullible Hans Blix, IAEA director general, believed in almost everything Tehran told him. He arrogantly dismissed warnings. The likely Blix legacy: atomic bombs in the hands of the mullahs. His successor, Mohammed ElBaradei, inherited the illusions in 1997 and proceeded on a similar path. But disclosures by experts in the West – confirmed by militant groups within Iran – made the IAEA denial absurd. Mr. ElBaradei revealed the truth on Nov. 10, 2003 in a stunning report to the IAEA board of governors: Iran had been lying to the IAEA for almost two decades.”
Read the rest of this excellent article at JINSA.


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