Hamas and Iranian Hezbollah Allied in the Occupied Territories

Via Defense-Update.com:

“One of the most dangerous developments is currently emerging, following Israel’s elimination of the Gaza Hamas leadership, earlier this year.
Having created a power vaccum in the traditional Islamic fundamentalist organisations, it paved the way for the Iranian sponsored Hezbollah to enter the Palestinian Intifada as an active player.

This trend, which has been monitored by Israeli intelligence since 2001, has grown into dangerous proportions after the removal of Saddam Hussein, who had maintained, for many years, the dominant funding source fueling the Palestinian campaign.

Now, with Saddam’s regime gone, the Tehran Ayathollahs have moved into this void, becoming the major source, through their Lebanese Hezbollah proxies, providing financial, technical and moral support for the Palestinian factions fighting Israel.”

Read the whole story at the link above.


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