Why Christians Support Jews and Israel

A well written piece by Muslihoon, insightfull as always:

“An issue that appears every now and then is the support of Christians (particularly on the so-called conservative side) for Jews and Israel. Permit Us to explain a few reasons why this is so and to comment, in general, on this phenomenon.

Like Muslims, many Christians believe in supersuccessionism, namely, that one group chosen by God has been replaced by another group. Muslims believe they have been chosen by God as His people in place of Christians and Jews (ostensibly, ahl al-kitaab, or “the People of the Book,” in Islamic terms). Christianity, having emerged before Islam, views itself as the chosen people of God in place of the Jews, while Muslims have no argument in their favor to claim being a people of God. In other words, with the establishment of Christianity, God, through Jesus Christ, virtually transfers the covenant from the people of Israel by blood (Jews, Hebrews, the offspring of Isaac, however one wants to label them) to the new Israel, the people grafted onto the tree, as it were, by spiritual adoption.”


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