Falcon Freight and the United America Line

I referred to a shipping company in a previous write-up regarding the GSPC and some activity I discovered some time ago. A poster over at Wizbang asked where he could find that write up so I’m linking it, with additional information, in this post.

I reference the shipping corporation of “The Falcon Freight” in that post, upon doing a few minutes if extra research today I discovered the additional information a evidenced below.

I located a direct link between The Falcon Freight and it’s US counterpart of World Wide Freight Services.

More below the break.

“Razi Hashmi
General Manager Forwarding Div

1201 Corbin Street, Suite 2-32
Elizabeth Plaza, Elizabeth NJ07201
Tel: 001-732 727 1700
Fax: 001-732 727 1933
E-mail: ualus1@aol.com

See the email address referenced above? (ualus1@aol.com) Well, “World Wide Freight Services” is nowhere to be found on the Internet, but a google search for that email address brings us to the homepage of “United America Line (Freight and Shipping)” with contact information for a location in “Parlin, New Jersey”.

From the “Contact Us” page of UAL:

Head Office (USA):
499 Ernston Road street: B-13
Parlin, NJ 08859,USA.
Phone : (732)727-1700
Fax : (732)727-1933
Web :www.unitedamericanline.com
E-mail: ualus1@aol.com

Regional office (Pakistan):
Suite No 706, 7th Floor, Landmark Plaza
I.I. Chundrigar Road,
Karachi-74200, Pakistan.
Phone : (9221) 2621877, 2621899, 2217660
Fax : (9221) 2217659
Cell: 0333-2155869
Web :www.unitedamericanline.com
E-mail: ualus2@aol.com

For further Information/Inquiry E-mail us at

From the “About Us” page of UAL:

“UNITED AMERICAN LINE established in 1996 in New Jersy U.S.A to provide specialised services to and from USA to various parts of the world. Due to our ethnicity and keen interest we have become the best freight forwarders in the USA. We are providing our services in most of the region like Middle East, Pakistan, Afghanistan CIS countries, India etc. We assure you that you will find our best services in these region in very effective manner, because we believe in “Service win the heart of customers?”

Now keep in mind that all of this information spans a period of two years or so, through several incarnations of the “Falcon Freight” company name and several different locations listed as a “main headquarters”. Are the links getting shaky? Yes, they are indeed.

However, with the current focus on security in America’s Ports the links above are enough to spark my interest. If I were involved in investigating such things for an “Agency” I would give these two organizations (and thier personell in New Jersey) a looking into.


5 Responses to “Falcon Freight and the United America Line”

  1. Aurélien Says:

    Hello Blackflag !

    Some informations for you :-)

    U S Government
    1201 Corbin St
    Elizabeth, NJ 07201-2952
    (908) 527-1402

    Falcon Messenger Service Incorporated
    1201 Corbin St, Ste 1
    Elizabeth, NJ 07201-2954
    (908) 282-0060

  2. The address for the United America Line’s US Headquarters has now changed (per their contact us page) to:
    Head Office (USA):
    499 Ernston Road street: B-13
    Parlin, NJ 08859,USA.
    Phone : (732)727-1700
    Fax : (732)727-1933
    Web :www.unitedamericanline.com
    E-mail: ualus1@aol.com

    The email address remains the same, interesting.

  3. aurélien Says:

    Worldwide Freight Services
    1201 Corbin Street, Elizabeth, NJ 07201
    (908) 994-0217

    The phone numero is not the same, interesting.

  4. aurélien Says:

    732-> New Jersey
    908-> Elizabeth

  5. aurélien Says:

    732-> Parlin

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