Hamas, The Occupied Territories and the Muslim-Brotherbood

An excellent, well written and lengthy article titled “Hamas Uber-Alles” by David Meir-Levi discussing the current state of affairs with Hamas in the Occupied Territories and it’s historical links to the Muslim-Brotherhood.

The entire article is at FrontPage Magazine:

“Last month the Palestinian people, by a significant majority in an orderly democratic election, voted Hamas into power. In upcoming months, there will be efforts to obscure the identity of this organization–to claim that its past commitments are giving way to a rethinking and that it is “in evolution.? It is important, therefore, to have a clear idea of where Hamas is coming from and where its worldview must necessarily lead it.

Hamas may have just engaged in a parliamentary maneuver, but it remains a self-defined religious apocalyptic terrorist group whose foundation document preaches genocide and world domination by the military and religious forces of Islam.(1) In Arabic, “Hamas? means “zeal.? In Hebrew, Arabic’s sister language, the same word means “violence.? But the group’s comes from the acronym: “Haraqat al-Muqawama al-Islamiyah?: the Islamic resistance movement.
El-Ikhwan el-Muslemeen: the Moslem Brotherhood

As described in its Charter (or Covenant), Hamas is the “Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood,? the movement known as “al-Ikhwan al-Muslemeen.? The “Brotherhood? was founded in Egypt in 1928 by the Islamic ideologue Hassan al-Banna (grandfather of today’s controversial Islamic activist Tariq Ramadan). His cornerstone assertion was that true Islam had been diluted and betrayed by Moslem politicians truckling to the West, and that the only way to set Islam back on a true path was to violently replace these traitorous Moslem politicians with true Islamic leaders who would make the Qur’an their nations’ constitutions and Shari’a their civil law. Ultimately, once the trans-national population of Moslems, known as the “umma? (the nation), was under the leadership of right-thinking religious Moslems who eschewed westernization and modernization, the whole concept of nation-states would dissolve and the Moslem “umma? would be united, from Mauritania to India, from Turkey to Yemen, and from Pakistan to Somalia, under one Islamic religious Caliphate.”


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