“Irhaby007” Identified. Busted.

Internet Haganah reports via the SITE Institue that “irhaby007” has been identified and busted. This is excellent news.
I mentioned irhaby007 in a previous article regarding the GSPC’s website and his involvement in the technical aspects of that site.

See all three articles regarding irhaby007 at Internet Haganah here, here and here.

With that, I’m going for a beer.


Having just finished reading all the related material I find it amazing that this guy was involved in so many different aspects of the global Jihad. Good job to Internet Haganah for digging up the details on him.


3 Responses to ““Irhaby007” Identified. Busted.”

  1. “Irhaab” means “terrorism” in Arabic. “Irhaabi” means “terrorist.” His “name” would thus translate to “Terrorist 007.” I’m going to read the docs now…so forgive me if they translated it.

  2. […] by blackflag on July 7th, 2007 I have covered Al-Qaeda e-Jihadi “Irhabi007″ here in the past. He is currently in custody and is awaiting trial, Aaron at Internet Haganah located a […]

  3. asalam

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