Ali Sina, interviewed regarding Islamists in Europe

Ali Sina has posted an article to concerning Muslims in Europe, the article explains in detail ehat the Islamist “double-speak” really means regarding the West.

Muhammad divided the world in two sectors. One he called Dar us Salam (House of Peace) and the other, Dar al Harb (House of War). All countries, where Islam is not the ruling authority, are Dar al Harb. It is the duty of the Muslims to wage Jihad in Dar al Harb, overthrow the governments and force people into submission. This is the only kind of peace that Islam recognizes.

The concept of Islamic peace is expressed in the verse 2.193 of the Quran.

And fight them until fitnah is no more, and religion is for Allah.

What is fitnah? Fitnah means sedition, perfidy or mischief. In Islamic terminology it means resisting Islam or disbelief. For example this site is fitnah.

All translators of the Quran have translated fitnah as oppression, tumult, persecution, etc. This is taqiyya. They have invariably lied to conceal the real meaning of the verse and fool the Western reader.

At the end of an article written to refute me, the author offers a prayer and asks Allah to “give all Muslims the strength to remain true to Your chosen path in the face of the fitnah inflicted upon us by the enemies of Islam.” I have no means of persecution. Clearly, fitnah means disbelief and criticizing Islam and not persecution.

When we say the objective of Islam is to force people into submission, it does not mean that you’ll be forced into conversion. It means that you’ll become a dhimmi, a subordinate to Muslims. You work and pay the Jizyyah, an extortion fee, to the Muslims who would treat you as second class citizen. They become the master race and you, their virtual slave and the source of their livelihood.

The entire article is several pages and well worth the read. The next time you hear Hamas, or “Peace Activists” anywhere in the World talk about how they want “Peace” you will understand what they really mean.

(some emphasis mine -ed)


6 Responses to “Ali Sina, interviewed regarding Islamists in Europe”

  1. calupict Says:

    Most people are comfortable to be ruled by the government that have the same view with them. Anywhere is just the same. Remember the Spanish and Portugal colonizatio.

    As for religion submission, intentionally or not, most people is more comfortable to be with people that have same life view.

    I disagree with the 2nd Class Citizen thing because Islam doesn’t reconigze Caste or such. Non Moslem pay jizyyah and the Moslem pay Zakat.

  2. Ali Sina, being a Muslim apostate, definately has some opinions regarding Islam as a whole that are unpopular with some. While I don’t agree with the entire article there are some area’s that are of value. Regarding the jizyyah, the Saudis see fit to impose second class status on non Moslem’s in thier Kingdom, complete with restriction on travel and public displays of Faith. Now, secular Moslems may not see it this way, Salafis/Wahhabis however do tend to have more radical views regarding the treatment of non-moslems in thier midst.

  3. Well I do not agree with some of the views also (I am a Moslem btw). It depends on how they intrepert the rule from Al Quran and Sunnah.

  4. Yes, I know… I gathered as much from the hijab.

  5. Excellent thing to point out – what “peace” really means. When Muslims mean “peace,” they mean peace as determined by Islam. They believe that without Islam there can be no peace.

    It’s important to understand what the other side is really thinking. Especially since they won’t say it outright to us.

  6. Well put Muslihoon, too often the mantle of “We want Peace” is used to obscure a hidden agenda. This tactic is especially apparent in the “Peace Protests” where everything from Jihadists, Salafists, Communists, Socialists and uses the event to promote thier own cause.

    I was watching the news yesterday and saw a brief clip on an illegal Immigration law protest and couldnt help but notice that the Latino man in the front row was wearing a “Che” t-shirt and a Palistinian kiffeya. The effect was probably lost on 99% of the viewers of that program.

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