Irhaby007: Main Stream Media Finally gets the Story.

I noticed today the Slashdot and The Washington Post are reporting on the arrest of Irhaby007. Nearly 21 days after I posted about the story after picking it up on Internet Haganah and The SITE Institute while conducting my own research into his identity working on a project related to the Salafist GSPC. The article at the WaPo was written by Rita Katz and Michael Kern, both members of the SITE Institute.

Again, all credit goes to Internet Haganah for thier extensive efforts in researching this individual.


2 Responses to “Irhaby007: Main Stream Media Finally gets the Story.”

  1. […] The Algerian GSPC has had a number of websites with variations on the name of "Jihad-Algeria" and "Jihad-Algerie" with .net and .com domains. The last domain was "Jihad-Algerie" and it was registered to the terrorist "Irhaaby007" who is now in custody. Thier latest website is under the unassuming name of "Moon4321", I think theyre trying the a different tactic to keep this one online. […]

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