Task Force 145: Multiple Strikes On Al-Qaeda Near Ramadi

Update: The latest update regarding Task Force 145 ( 09 June 2006) and al-Zarqawi is located here, and on the main page here.

Task Force-145, the Special OPs unit tasked with countering the efforts of Al-Qeada in Iraq have made multiple strikes against Al-Qaeda units near Ramadi, Iraq.

Via the Iraqi Multinational Force Website:

Coalition Forces initiated a raid May 13 at approximately 11 a.m. in the vicinity of Julaybah, killing three terrorists, detaining four and destroying enemy hide outs and weapons caches while in search of a wanted al-Qaida so-called Emir.Upon arrival in an area identified as a terrorist safe haven approximately 12 kilometers east of Ramadi, the Coalition troops began receiving rifle and machine gun fire. The terrorists then began to launch ineffective mortar fire from across a nearby river. Coalition Forces neutralized both the direct and indirect fire with small arms fire and close air support and simultaneously raided five structures, associated hide outs and vehicles.

After killing three terrorists and detaining four others, the troops conducted a thorough search of the area. They found six affiliated vehicles, three of which were loaded with various weapons and explosives to include rifles, mortars and improvised explosive device material. The troops also uncovered numerous weapons caches with AK-47's, rocket propelled grenades, mortar rounds and IED material.

One Coalition Soldier received a superficial wound to his leg during the fighting but has since returned to duty.

Five safe houses, six cars, and all lethal material were destroyed on target. No civilians were injured or harmed during the assault or resulting firefight.

Coalition Forces are now assessing if the wanted terrorist was either captured or killed during the fighting.

The Counter Terrorism Blog has the background details on this unit and how they are proceeding with thier mission in regards to Zarqawi.


13 Responses to “Task Force 145: Multiple Strikes On Al-Qaeda Near Ramadi”

  1. Steve Duich Says:


  2. Stanley L. Gedney, III Says:

    Great job you guys and gals , we Americans are very Proud of you. Keep swinging , finish those clowns and come home. Again you did a wonderful job and thanks, Stan Gedney

  3. Joe Kuhn Says:

    Thanks for the taking down a big one!

  4. who is lrhabi o77 ?

  5. why did you cover-up { able danger } ?

  6. David,
    Search my site or Google for "irhaaby007". It translates into "terrorist007" and was the self assigned nickname of a (recently arrested) al-qaeda supporter who was tech savvy. He made a great contribution to al-qaeda's IT/hacking effort before his arrest. He is tied to the 17 recent arrests in Canada, two in Georgia (USA) and one in England.

    As far as "able danger", I hardly covered up anything.


  7. Devin Leonard Says:

    Task Force 145 should be allowed to hit targets (that the US is well aware of) in Syria and Iran. These are basically terror training camps in which Hezbollah instrutors are training Al Qaida people to go into Iraq and launch terror operations. If Bush had any REAL guts, he would allow our Delta and SEAL 6 operators to do what they do best…hit these camps and kill Hezbollah and Al Qaida scum, just like they did Zarqawi. According to USA Today, we also know the locations of Al Qaida and Hezbollah leaders in Europe, and Task Force 145 and the CIA’s Special Activities Division, could assassinate these pukes, if politics wasn’t always interfering.

    If we are going to fight this war, we need to fight it to win. We have the best, man killers in the world in Delta, SEAL 6 and the CIA SAD…so let’s use them, and teach the world what happens whem you kill innocent Americans.

  8. You guy’s did America proud I’ll have a cold one waiting for you on the 19 hole at Tony Butler. We are so proud of your group. Our chest swells and tears in the conner of our eyes because we know that the star spangled banner on your shoulder.

  9. Next time, don’t even bother to take names. Who’s the CO there, Jack Bauer? gbucr

  10. Ciao ragazzi! I’ m from Florence in Italy. Good luck.

  11. Great Job!! (from Italy)

  12. John Karlson Says:

    get the bastard in Pakie land next — great job guys, God Speed.

  13. David Morrison Says:

    Fantastic work guys! You people are truely the best. God bless you all.

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