An Interview With Ted Nugent

The Independent ran a story recently about Ted Nugent the Rock Star, NRA Board Member and hard core hunter. I've always liked Ted's work, seen him live before and it a hell of a show. I came away from that show with the impression that he would be a straight talking, if brutally honest and sometimes vulger participant in any conversation. The banter between songs was something like "Mother F'ing this and Mother F'ing that and now lets hear one of the tunes off the new album". I don't mind a bit of harsh language but the man was definately coarse.

I grew up hunting wild game and much like Ted I still hunt with a bow and arrow and sometimes with firearms. With that in mind a particular comment from this article really stood out.

Take note that the interviewer was a Brit and they were discussing Ted's hunting practices.

"What do these deer think when they see you coming?" I ask him. "Here comes the nice guy who puts out our dinner? Or, there's the man that shot my brother?"

"I don't think they're capable of either of those thoughts, you Limey asshole. They're only interested in three things: the best place to eat, having sex and how quickly they can run away. Much like the French."

What a guy.


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