A Second Dose of Abu Ghraib

The investigation into the Hadith, Iraq incident regarding US Marines and Iraqi non-combatants has sparked a second Abu Ghraib media feeding frenzy. For the record I have the utmost respect for the US Armed Forces and the US Marines are known to strike fear into the hearts of any opposing force on the battlefield. I despise the mainstream media whores and talking heads who over dramatize everything from the Katrina Hurricane to Abu Ghraib. I'm of the opinion that main stream news follows a doctrine of "if there isn't a story, create one and ignore the consequences to anyone other than us." They are actively making every effort to undermine the War effort by reducing the morale of the US Military, the American Public and spreading untruths and conjecture that reflect negatively on our Armed Forces.

Congressman John Murtha has started this whole media whorefest by pre-emptively stating that Marines had killed Iraq civilians in an act of "Cold Blooded Murder". John Murtha is an enemy of the state, traitor to the Armed Forces in which he served and is giving a propoganda victory to those who wish to undermine America's war effort by making such statements. As a US Congressman he has a responsibility to avoid such damaging statements publicly. The US Dept. of Defense is investigating the incident, why don't we wait for the results of that investigation before we start talking about "cold blooded murder", how about that Congressman? John Murtha should be ashamed of himself.

Michelle Malkin has covered it, Brutally Honest Reporting has some interesting information and Cox and Forkum have created a piece that sums it all up fairly well.

God Bless the United States Marines.


The Daisy Cutter spends a bit more time than I did explaining why Vets don't care for John Murtha. I agree with DC's views on this, and then some.


One Response to “A Second Dose of Abu Ghraib”

  1. Thanks for the excellent post. I’ve been quite upset with the media frenzy as well. I’ve stated, and I’ll stick to it, that I will form no judgment or opinion until the investigation comes to an end and the results are released.

    Regardless of the results, the Armed Forces have my unwavering support and admiration. With all due respect, whatever may have happened cannot compare to the atrocities that Muslims have committed against Muslims in that region.

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