Abu Musab al-Zarqawi takes the Dirt Nap.

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In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate. Abu Musab al-Zarqawi (and his spiritual advisor Sheik Abdul Rahman) has met his end at the hands of Iraqi and Coalition Forces near Baquba, Iraq. Zarqawi was responsible for the systematic and methodical slaughter of scores of Coalition and Iraqi forces and Iraqi civilians. He was a man who killed ruthlessly in an effort too force the perverted Salafist ideology of al-Qaeda onto everyone he could.

Task Force 145, Delta Force, Task Force Black, the SAS and other units were called into play to deliver the blow.

There is a special place in Hell for swine like al-Zarqawi and Inshalla, he will spend eternity in it.

There are more details at the Jawa Report, Clarity and Resolve, The Counter Terror Blog and Michelle Malkin.

Update: I'm going to mention again that The Counter Terror Blog has some very good information on the efforts to counter al-Zarqawi, the contributing writers there are really covering this story in depth.


12 Responses to “Abu Musab al-Zarqawi takes the Dirt Nap.”

  1. As the Muslims would say: alHamdulillaah! Praise be to God!

    This is a good day indeed.

  2. […] We also recommend reading this post by Blackflag. Very well done. And an excellent picture to boot! […]

  3. It has been reported that this man was killed a long time back. The news was just not disclosed to the public in order to justify the continued occupation of Iraq by the American forces.
    I have written something on this in my blog.
    Whatever be the case, its good that he is gone.

  4. It is amazing when one steps back and observes the reactions to Zarqawi’s demise. At work, some lame nut complained to our General Counsel that it wasn’t right to “celebrate death.”

    Heck…the lefties all but high-five each other when one of our soldiers dies in Iraq or Afghanistan. That absolutely makes my blood boil.

    Yesterday was a day for jubilation. I saw some National Guard soldiers yesterday, and made it a point to thank them.

    Hooah, Hooyah, and Ooorah to our fine troops.

  5. dreamnepal,
    While we can agree that it is good that al-Zarqawi is dead it is rediculous to believe the rest of your statement. I’ll be glad to check out your post on the matter this evening when I have time to properly address it.

    However, it is safe to assume the following:
    1) The United States would like Iraq to be stable and free of state sponsored terrorist groups.
    2) The United States would like an end to military action in Iraq.

    The idea that the US is looking for ways to “justify the continued occupation of Iraq” is absolutely absurd.

  6. studentsforahumansociety Says:

    Oh yea? Then why did they say they were going to "villainize Zarqawi" to "leverage xenophobia response" using "media operations," "special Ops" and "PSYOP" in a leaked document to the Washington Post? See "globalresearch.ca"

  7. Students for a Human Society: That report is bogus. That organization, “Global Research,” is nothing but a front for anti-American deranged paranoid crackpot conspiracists. If you are sincere in your intentions, I hope you will discover what’s really going on. If you’re hear just to preach, you may want to find a more gullible audience.

  8. Well now, a few minutes browsing the site you linked tells me it's maintained by (quoted from the About page there) "The Centre for Research on Globalisation (CRG) is an independent research and media group of writers, scholars and activists. It is a registered non profit organization in the province of Quebec, Canada."

    The translation is it's a group of far left hacks with a political axe to grind operating under the guise of a legitimate research organization. There are links in the side bar there to stories titled "The truth behind 9/11" and "Apache gunships massacre Iraqi's", definately a sign of bias "reporting".

    In spite of all that, Zarqawi does not need to be "villified", he was already an evil, hate filled human being who delighted in the deaths of those he deemed inferior.

    Muslihuun pretty much nailed it, I added my comments just for effect. If you really want to argue that al-Zarqawi wasnt a swine, feel free, but try to do better next time.

    btw: I trimmed your link as it was running off the page. Any interested party can just hit the main site over there if they like.

  9. Zarqawi understood one thing, violence. I am glad we had the opportunity to communicate on the same level with him. My only regret is that it was an impersonal communication. I would have liked it if the boots on the ground could have had a face to face meeting.

  10. Dear Black Flag,
    I am a student at Bryant University and I would like to request the use of the photo attached to your article for a project in one of my courses. The project would adapt the image to represent a health message but the image would not be released to the general public, simply used for a closed-course situation. Please let me know if I can use the image or how I can get the rights to use the photo. Thank you.

  11. Jay,
    Of course you can use it, do with it what you will.



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