Abu Masub al-Zarqawi: Paradise Blows

Abu Masub al-Zarqawi is guest posting over at Iowahawks blog and giving up all the gory details on the whole “72 virgins” thing.

Okay, Thursday morning. I clock in at the office, pour a mug of tea, fire up the laptop and check out the latest posts on dKos. Sure, I’ve had my differences with them in the past. But with morale the way it is Allah knows we need a good laugh around here, and that shit is funnier than Homestar Runner. They had a new parody up, and I swear it had me roaring so hard I was on the verge of a shit hemorrhage. It had Kahlid laughing to the point of tears, and when he goes to wipe his good eye he almost puts it out with his hook, and then this makes Mahmoud squirt tea through his nose, and then this gets the whole damn office going. We’re all just fucking roaring, when suddenly there’s this silence, and then a funny high-pitched noise.

Tariq says, “did you just hear th…”

Now, back in the madrassa when we studied the afterlife, I always wondered what would be the last thing to go through my head. I’m pretty sure now it was one of Mahmoud’s anklebones. And if you’re wondering if it was painless? Imagine a full-frontal 800 degree root canal while listening to a Neil Young record. But hey, I figure no big whoop, just the admission price to heaven’s eternal ho sammich.



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