Protein Wisdom Interviews: Abu Masub al-Zarqawi

Via Protein Wisdom.

protein wisdom: “First of all, I’d like to thank you for taking this time to sit down with me, an infidel dog, and a Jew infidel dog, to boot. But I think it’s important that we as Westerners try really to understand what it is that motivates people like you—21st century Minutemen, the Thomas Paines and George Washingtons of the new Caliphate, to hear some speak of it.”


protein wisdom: “…You know, because of the root causes and such…


protein wisdom: “And, like, blowback.”


protein wisdom: “– that type stuff.”


protein wisdom: “C’mon, man, you gotta work with me here. Troops on Saudi soil? Israel? Cinemax After Dark?”

Go read it all.


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