Jihadist Propoganda: Islam Memo, Muhammad Abu Nasr, and Jihad Unspun

I initially missed this article over at the US Department of State regarding the Jihadist propoganda machine and the dissemination of that propoganda on the Internet.

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US Department of State Identifying Misinformation Resource

US Department of State International Information Program

Read the rest of the article below the break.

A trio of obscure Web sites and individuals has combined to spread deliberate disinformation, particularly about U.S. actions in Iraq. The entities involved are Islam Memo (Islammemo.cc), Muhammad Abu Nasr, and Jihad Unspun (jihadunspun.net).

Most of the disinformation appears to originate with Islam Memo, which is a pro-al Qaeda, pro-Iraqi insurgency, Arabic-language Web site based in Saudi Arabia.

Muhammad Abu Nasr, co-editor of the Free Arab Voice Web site (freearabvoice.org), translates material from Islam Memo into English and posts it as "Iraqi Resistance Reports" on his Web site.

Jihad Unspun publishes selected articles by Muhammad Abu Nasr, giving them a broader audience.

This trio of Web sites and individuals has attempted to launch many disinformation stories. Most have fizzled out without any great impact, but some have spread more widely.

Islam Memo

Islam Memo, or Mafkarat al-Islam, is perhaps the most unreliable source of "news" about Iraq on the Internet. For example, on March 27, 2005, Islam Memo "news items" translated into English by Muhammad Abu Nasr claimed that more than 88 U.S. soldiers had been killed that day. In reality, none had been killed. Such disinformation fabrications are typical of Islam Memo. In the ten-day period from March 20 to March 29, 2005, they claimed that more than 334 U.S. troops had been killed. The real number was eight.

I could add several more to that list but feel free to go read the whole thing.


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