Media coverage of WMD document

Wednesday around 5PM Eastern, the House Select Committee on Intelligence released a document that says we have found WMD in Iraq. InstaPundit has a roundup of comments on this document. What strikes me as odd, however, is the complete silence on the topic from the major media. Here’s a media round up, as of 12:17AM, EST:’s headline: Marines file murder charges. Their other headlines:

  • Al Qaeda’s No. 2 releases new video
  • Sex-with-inmates probe triggers gunfight
  • Guards’ reign of terror alleged in indictment
  • Pentagon waited to say 2 soldiers killed by Iraqis
  • Kin ‘devastated’ to hear of soldiers’ deaths on TV
  • Paralyzed rat walking after stem cell transplant
  • Gang accused of selling ‘Max Pain’ heroin
  • Teen chained to her bed for bad grades
  • Dobbs: Congress stiffs working Americans
  • NRA targets conference on illegal gun trade
  • Dude with Elvis hair builds mini Graceland
  • What’s the most popular noun? Take your time …
  • ‘DaVinci’ stirs interest in smileless Mona Lisa

Just so I get this straight, “What’s the most popular noun?” trumps WMD in Iraq? Me thinks you doth protest too little.’s revolving headlines were:

  1. New Zawahiri Video Surfaces
  2. US Troops Charged with Murder
  3. Accused Child Sex Ring Boss in Shackles
  4. K-Fed Pleads for Pennies
  5. 7 Marines, Sailor Charged in Iraqi’s Death

Notice we got the Marines filing murder charges in there twice… nice. How about their other headlines:

  • Saddam Lawyer Killed; Iraq Workers Seized
  • al-Qaida Second-In-Command Issues Video
  • GOP-Run Senate Kills Minimum Wage Increase
  • 2 People Killed in Fla. Prison Shooting
  • Crews Fight to Save Homes From Ariz. Blaze
  • Pluto’s Newly Found Moons Named Nix, Hydra
  • ‘Yada Yada’ Makes the Dictionary
  • Terrorist Video Game or Pentagon Snafu?
  • Bloated Stars: Vince, Luke & Leo
  • Klum and Seal Expecting Another Baby
  • Reese Witherspoon Sues Tabloid Over Baby Story
  • Is Napping the New Caffeine?
  • Funky Celebrations Welcome Solstice
  • House of God Becomes House of Soccer

Gee, Pluto’s new moons have names. How sweet!

Okay, maybe CBS??? leads with: “Is Insurgency Thriving Since Zarqawi?”. Are you kidding me? Their other headlines are:

  • 8 Servicemen Charged With Murder
  • Red Cross Admits Israel
  • Study: California Due For Big Quake
  • NYC, DC Mayors Beg For Security Funds
  • Bush Gets Mixed Support In Europe Watch Video Watch
  • New Yorkers Not Polite? Fuggedaboudit! Watch Video Watch

Not a word from anybody but Fox News. This is absolutely, positively pathetic. I intend to voice my concern about such complete lack of coverage. I hope you do, too.


2 Responses to “Media coverage of WMD document”

  1. I noticed the same thing. That’s pretty sad.

    I understand that the media is predisposed to the left; what irritates me is that they are ACTIVELY UNDERMINING OUR TROOPS!

  2. Indeed they are and gladly doing so. If the media acted like this during WW II there would have been prison time involved, too bad America has lost some of it’s backbone or we would see that again.

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