Recovering Windows Passwords with the Ophcrack Live-CD

I occasionally have the need to either audit the passwords on Windows domains or individual systems and use a few different methods of accomplishing this. With the advent of “time/memory trade off cracking” standard Windows passwords on systems using Lan-Man or NTLM hashes (the Windows default) can typically be cracked in less than an hour, often in just few minutes. I’ve discussed these vulnerabilities in the past but this post will deal with a few more specific tools instead of “cracking theory”.

Time/Memory cracking uses pre-computed tables of password variations encoded with LM or NTLM hashes. For example, a windows password of “password”, when encoded with the LM hash, looks like this “E52CAC67419A9A22”. One of my favorite tools for cracking Windows hashes is called “Ophcrack” and it can be installed on Linux or Windows. Ophcrack has a simple GUI interface and uses a set of optimized precomputed Rainbow Tables for cracking. If you enter the password hash mentioned above (E52CAC67419A9A22) into Ophcrack the program will search it’s precomputed table for a match, when it finds the hash it knows what plain text password generated it in the table and returns that to you as “password”.

The Ophcrack Project has recently released a Linux Live-CD based on SLAX that can be used to retrieve and crack passwords from Windows machines with little or no effort. As an example, just yesterday I had someone ask me if I could get them access to their laptop as they had changed the password and promptly forgotten it. I said, sure, bring it over and broke out my Ophcrack Live-CD.

The routine is simple, place the Live-CD in the CDROM drive and boot the Windows machine. The Live CD will boot from the CDROM, load SLAX linux into RAM and bring you to a text based “boot prompt”. The prompt will say “press enter to continue booting”, if you simply press enter the SLAX OS will boot up and load the Fluxbox desktop. As soon as Fluxbox begins to load a Linux terminal window will appear and give you updates as Ophcrack locates and retrieves the password hashes. If the hashes are found Ophcrack will launch it’s application GUI, with no user interaction, and begin to crack the password hashes it located.

I booted the CD in the laptop provided to me, recovered the administrator password in 287 seconds (Ophcrack has a timer) and returned the laptop to it’s owner shortly thereafter.

Another very useful tool for this sort of work is called “Cain & Able” which consists of a robust network sniffer, password cracker and hash generator (among other things). I use it in conjunction with Ophcrack to test password complexity strength. Be aware that most Anti-Virus clients will mark these tools as “Hack-Tools” (duh!) and try and remove them so you will want to white-list these applications if you want them to work properly.




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  1. Hi, thanks for your informative post on how to use the Ophcrack live CD. My question is how exactly did you make the CD? I recently tried to download the live CD from my machine at home (I am running Windows XP SP2), but I ran into a problem. I thought it would allow me to burn it directly to a CD, but instead it started downloading to my C:\ drive. I only have a dial-up connection and the download box said something like 5 hours to complete the download! Ouch. Is there a way to just save this directly to CD? I appreciate any assistance you can offer, cheers,

  2. Hello Cat,
    The Ophcrack CD actually contains the Ohpcrack program and the the optimized Rainbow Tables for cracking, all preinstalled on a Slax ISO image. You have a few choices, download the entire ISO and burn it to CDROM or just download the ophcrack app and tables and use them on your own system. Alternatively you can use a web based hash cracker if you already have the hashes. Look in the left menu of this site for a link to “crypto hash generator” and there is an online cracker there, milw0rm also has one.

  3. hi, i’m really confused. i had d/led the live cd version. saved it on another desktop, then burnt it on a cd, then put it in my laptop (which i’m locked out of)and reboot it but no program came up. it just reboot naturally back to the win log in screen. HELP!! what am i doing wrong?!?!

  4. Confused,
    First, test the Live CD on a known good system to make sure the image is good.

    Second, on the PC you are locked out of, boot the box and enter the BIOS (DEL key typically?), once in the BIOS make sure the system is set to boot from “CDROM, Hard Disk and Removable Media” in that order. The BIOS needs to check the CDROM before the Harddisk or it will see the Windows OS before it sees the Live CD. My guess is that the BIOS is set to check hard disk first.

  5. Thanks so much, that worked but now i’ve encountered another problem! after running the program, it only revealed the original phrase that i’ve used as my pw before i had altered it with additional charachters. how do i get it to show the full phrase? the original was about 10 chars, the newer one (which i can’t remember!) might be 12?

    the program doesn’t really seem to have any instructions on what to do next if the exact phrase doesn’t show..or what to do if the complete phrase isn’t revealed.

    help? :(

  6. I’m not sure if the CD contains a Rainbow Table that includes special characters. You may have to find an online source that contains special character tables. Or, you can download the ohpcrack program and generate your table or see if you can find one for download that has special characters in it.

    Good luck with that and let me know how it goes.

  7. i dunno, dude. i looked for it online and they cost alot. i don’t think my laptop likes me. sigh. i tried the nt offline program but that didn’t seem to work either.

  8. Ok , I burned the live cd iso to a cd. Then when t loads everything it comes to a screen hat says,”No partition containing hashes found!!”bash-3.1#. What did I do wrong or what do I do?

  9. Hey, how are ya? I loaded Ophcrack LiveCD and then there’s that Fluxbox desktop and the Linux terminal window, just like ya said. And in that Linux terminal window is written ‘bash-3.1#’. What do I do next? There’s like no ‘updates’ like you said in your article. Please help.
    Thanks, JC

  10. Hi JC,
    The CD should have begun searching for the password hashes when Fluxbox got started, if it didn’t find the hashes it may have stalled. Reboot and load the CD again and if it doesnt locate the hashes for you go ahead and browse the menus (right-click on the desktop) and look for a way to manually acquire the hashes.

    I’ll have to load my disk up and see what I can find but that’s where I would start if I were you.

    Let me know how it goes.


  11. Crack Windows password with Ophcrack Live CD

    Here is the situation. You just changed your Windows admin password. The next morning when you boot your PC, you can’t remember the password to login to your Windows. You got nervous and don’t know what to do. Every passwords you entered we…

  12. kn1ghtmare Says:

    People that don’t know how to burn an iso, boot from a cd-rom, or use Linux (in this case) have no reason to use this tool. If you’re having problems getting into your computer because you lost your password, go ask somebody who knows how to boot from a live cd to change your password. If all else fails, just reinstall Windows.

    For all of you script kiddies out there thinking this will make you an “ub3r 1337 h4x0r”, get a life. Just because you can boot to a prebuilt cdrom doesn’t make you cool.

  13. Hi there

    That’s how people learn, Kn1ghtmare, by asking questions. Ophcrack’s open source and whoever wants to learn, can. I for one do not know how to burn the ‘iso image’ for Ophrrack and will be very gratefull to anyone who explains the process.


  14. Odin,
    Download the Ophcrack ISO image to your local drive and use burning software like “Nero” to burn the .iso image to a “bootable CD”, pretty easy.

    Search Google for “burn ISO image” and you’ll get plenty of how-to’s.

    The CD (and Ophcrack itself) is a good way to play with the basics of password encryption and “time-memory-trade-off” hash cracking.



  15. Hi again, thanks Blackflag

    Iv been reading up on iso images and so forth, however, the following info caught my attention which makes me a little confused:

    “Note: You can not simply drag and drop an ISO image file on your CD icon to create a bootable CD. In order to create a bootable CD from an ISO image, you must burn the actual CD image onto the CD. Burning the ISO file to a CD will not produce a usable disc”

    So ive downloaded the live Ophcrack CD (which i assume is the ‘iso file’ and not the iso image) and downloaded ISO recorder and i want to right click on the ophcrack iso and select ‘copy images to CD’, but according to the information above it would’nt work. Is it necessary to turn the iso file into an image and THEN burn it, if so, how exactly do you do this.

    Thanks alot

  16. Hello Odin,
    The file you downloaded should be an ISO image (look for the .iso file type). Give it a test run with ISO recorder, I’ve never used that burner but at a worst case you’ll just waste a CD. Give it a shot.

    Have a look at this site and see if the how-to provides any insight.

  17. Iv burnt the live CD and just tested it. when i booted from the CD i got to the the opening screen, pressed enter and then after a few seconds it went back to a black screen with white writing (which i think was windows not ophcrack) with alot of technical data and “Kernal panic: not syncing, attempted to kill idle task” written at the bottom. The CD itself seems to be working, I don’t know what went wrong, any ideas?

  18. Odin,
    That’s probably indicative of a hardware driver issue between the OS on the Live-CD and your PC hardware. Unless you want to try and pass boot options to the kernel manually I suggest you go download the Ophcrack software and pre-computed tables and work with it that way. You can get Ophcrack and tables for both Win32 and Linux for free.

  19. Everyone,

    The easiest, most simple way to burn the iso image or file. WHICHEVER. is to use a program called dvd decrypter. You can learn how to use the program by just going to google and typing how to use dvd decrypter. IM NOT SURE IF THE PROGRAM IS STILL FREE, WHEN I GOT IT, IT WAS FREE! Basically you have to chose write in one of the drop down menus and then drag and drop the file you want. You can also open the file by giving the location. ITS SIMPLE AND EASY!

  20. hello i burned live cd in nero choosing option ‘burn image’ and i didnt booted even if i set cd,a,c in bios now i see in nero option ‘make a bootable cd’ will it solve a problem?

  21. Jurek,
    See comment #16.

  22. Hey Black,
    Got the same message,”No partition containing hashes found!!”bash-3.1#” as a previous user and I need to know how to find the hash and make the necessary changes. Just and fyi, I used another program to get into the windows directory and delete the SAM file. Will this have an affect on the use of the ophcrack software. Any thoughts why deleting the SAM did not reset the password?

  23. JLo,
    I’ve never deleted a sam file to gain access to a locked admin account, but from what I understand that should have cleared the password.

    I’ve always cracked them with pretty good success, you might try the following tool in your situation:

    Are you using WinXP or Win2k?

  24. I have been using this application and in the process I disable the syskey on a 2003 enterprise box. I have confirmed from another tool that the password is clear, but I still can not get into the box via the local admin. This server has be rebooted by pulling the power and that seems to mess with the logfiles so the application you suggest will only allow read only mode. I finally figured out if I boot to safe mode and restart properly then the application seems to work with out any errors or being in read only mode. However, using a blank password with the ntpasswd application does not get me in. Your thoughts?


  25. If the Win2k3 server is logged onto a Windows AD Domain try and log on with an AD domain admins account and change the local admins password that way. If this doesn’t work and none of the utilities you’ve tried thus far are getting it done I’m afraid you’ll have to hit Google for more answers. You can’t crack a hash that isn’t there so you’ll have to find a way through the recovery console or sum such to change the admin password and in doing so create another hash file.

  26. karkrazy7 Says:

    hi i also have the same problem as sum of u guyz
    i burnt the iso image and reebooted the pc
    and it goes in to this ‘ecurite objectif’ screen and without having to press enter it loads everythin and then fluxbox or sumthin lyk dat opens up and bash-3.1#. thing comes
    i figured out one thing though
    when u type ‘ophcrack’ and click enter the window that cracks the passwords opens up but nothing happens . i dnt know how to get passed this can u’ll help me pls

  27. Errorman Says:

    downloaded OPHcrack, no problem, burned to CD, no problem
    booted with CD no problem, got almost all the way thru the boot process then the screen said “Fatal server error” and shut down.
    happened on two different computers. Any idea what is happening?

  28. i am getting the same problems on booting, just a black screen and nothing else. i can get to a bash prompt by entering slax_nox at the boot prompt. its very flaky. i ran ifconfig and noticed that networking was ok so did a ping and now i cant kill it with ctrl-c . also noticed there are no other terminals – ttys – available such as ctr-alt-f2 , ctr-alt-f3 etc which is standard under linux.

    im having to reboot because ctrl-c wont work .
    ctrl-alt-delete works all right !

    rebooted and back at the bash command prompt.

    root@slax:/ ophcrack

    Gtk-Warning cant open display

    so it wont run from the command line.

    got to get X working then.

    root@slax:/ startx

    black screen again

    reboot. this time try slax_autox at the boot prompt.

    im into the GUI and it appears to be cracking away,

    so try slax_autox at the boot prompt

  29. Errorman Says:

    tks Sam Mac
    slax_autox did the trick. Has anyone found a list of special
    characters yet. More and more people using special characters
    to make password stronger. Does Cain and Able crack special chariters?

  30. Errorman,
    You’ll have to visit the Ophcrack project to see which table they included with the Live-CD. My guess is that it does not contain special characters. You can use the Ophcrack stand alone client for cracking (for Win/Linux) and generate your own tables if you care too. If you create your own “upper/lower/alpha/numeric/special chars” tables you can use Cain&Able as a front end to crack using that table as well. The folks at have a free download for a Windows “rainbow table generator” available at:

  31. i burned the iso image rebooted changed my bios, its loads for a while and then it gives me some errors and ejects my disk and does nothing until i manually power down my system and start back up in xp. what the hell is going wrong can somebody please help me!!!!

  32. no partition containing hashes found”

    This error still hasn’t been adressed, I’m running vista with raided harddrives and CANT REMEMBER MY PW!

    What should I do??

  33. Jtrain,
    If it were me I’d try the Ophcrack help forums on Sourceforge.

  34. Mikhail Says:

    it has been doing its thing 4 600 seconds and only 25 % done?!?!?!?!By the way i bought 3 perfectly pentium 4 computers from goodwill, all work , cost me 1.99 each!!!!!!!!!!!one has a password and thats why im doing this

  35. Mikhail Says:

    wow it finished on 26 %, I LOVE THIS PROGRAM!!

  36. Kristin Says:

    I downloaded Ophcrack ISO image file and then burned it to a CD. I checked the CD and all of the files are on there. I rebooted my computer, Ophcrack screen starts and then automatically starts processing, then it goes to Lunix and then brings up the Bash-3 box, it doesnt say anything else. I typed in Ophcrack launch and it says that no tables are found in this directory or something, how do i load the tables into Ophcrack? How do i get it to start automatically. I cannot click on the launch option until the tables are set. Help!

  37. Using Nero I created what I thouht was a bootable CD. When I boot from it I don’t see any reference to a Linux program but DOS showing the folders and files on my harddrivve. Where did I go wrong?

  38. Give me a bit more detail than that Larry, what .iso image did you get? How did you burn it? etc.

  39. Verified_14 Says:

    hey i loaded up my iso file, and got a bootable cd, and was able to locate the files. However when it found the hash, it had an error. Line 88: usr.Bin. something, and it didn’t work.

  40. i have a windows vista basic, but its a laptop. i got the livecd version, and burned the iso with roxio. load it to the menu. no matter which i choose, my computer stops or something. the first two i load, it loads the two files and then it goes black for good. help me

  41. just used on a pc I’ve been locked out of XP for 8 months. Worked a treat. Showed passwords with no problems. When I logged in it said my password was out of date (pc not used for 8 months)and asked me to enter a new password….Hey presto!! Can not recommend enough!!

  42. I used a small easy to use program called ‘CDCC’ to burn the ISO imge file. I’ve got Nero but couldn’t figure out how to use it to burn ISO. I’m not technical at all!

    Extremely easy to use ISO burner can be downloaded from here:

    Hope it helps!

  43. noble_man Says:

    How to with nero in winxp.start>all program>nero.nero start smart>cd or dvd>copy and backup>burn image to disc>look in to find file to burn>file of type>image files{.nrg, .iso, .cue)>click on the program to be opened>now click open> set speed and next to worked 4 me

  44. hey all,

    i downloaded livecd iso file. burned with nero to a DVD as a bootable DVD.

    booted PC, changed BIOS to check CDROM fist.

    it then moves on, it mentions something bout USBs. then it comes up with [DR-DOS]A:\>

    nd it wants me to enter something in. i enter in the file name, nothing, i looked above nd entered in slax_autox, nothing

    does ny1 hav ny suggestions at all.


  45. Hello Every Body,

    did you Know about syskey
    Is there any way to Crack syskey Lock

    Please mail to : rizviweb AT

  46. HELP!! I burnt the iso image + booted from it. OK. then when it asks you which sort of ophcrack to use (auto, VESA, etc) whenever i select auto or Vesa it goes to the Slax is loading screen and stops. I then tried to use the manual option but it couldt find any hashes!!!

  47. So, I have a friends computer and he can’t remember his password. Anyways, I made the iso disk, it runs, brings me into the GUI and says, “All LM hashes are empty. Please use NThash tables to crack the remaining hashes.” What do I do.


  48. Squeaky Neb Says:

    I recently downloaded ophcrack from sourceforge (yes it was the liveCD) but no iso file, instead i got a RAR file with the data. Do I unzip the RAR file and burn the data or something else?? Any help appreciated, thank you.

  49. What link did you use to get the rar file?

  50. Squeaky Neb Says:

    Dont worry about prev. post (48) i got it burnt but now it wont boot properly:(
    It boots to the point where there is a 4 leaf clover up top and a whole heap of text down the bottom. then it emptys the screen and runs some more commands then theres a lashing undersore in the top left corner then the screen goes black and nothing happens!?
    Also, thanks blackflag for taking the time to try to help me :)

  51. Squeaky Neb Says:

    never mind i got it working. i ran it in the second mode (VESA?? i think) and it worked but now i want to know what vesa means and why it worked while the others didnt

  52. Did anyone discover how to resolve the ”No partition containing hashes found!!”bash-3.1#” error?

    I am working on a crashed laptop running XP and I’m unable to access Recovery Console because of a password (bad boot.ini file) and getting the error above.

    I know that Ophcrack works as I have used it on other machines but never on a machine with an OS that is not functioning. Will Ophcrack work?

    Sorry to bother Linux folks with Windows issues.

  53. Jgander,
    If the OS is crashed don’t bother with the hashes. I assume your trying to recover data?

    If so, boot the system from a Linux live-cd like Mepis or Knoppix. Mount the hard drive in the Konquerer file manager and copy the data off to a external USB drive or network share.

  54. MarkieMark Says:

    I too saw the problem with ”No partition containing hashes found!!”

    I think I’ve figured out the problem although can’t verify it since I’m not at my buddy’s computer anymore. Going from memory…

    I ran across this problem on a Dell 2350 which has the hard drive split into two partitions. The first partition is the ‘Dell System Restore’ area or whatever it’s called. It has lots of archived system files. The second partition is the regular Windows partition. I’m sure the windows system being on the second partition s is why there is a problem. (the same ophcrack live cd worked fine on my PC which has only one partition).

    Here’s what I think will fix the problem. At the bash prompt, type ‘mount’ (without quotes). It will list the mounted partitions. I found on the Dell the archive partition was /mnt/hd1 and the Windows partition was on /mnt/hd2, or something like that. You can verify that this is the right partition by using the cd command to change the directory and look for the correct windows structure, e.g. /mnt/hd2/WINDOWS/WINNT/SYSTEM32/CONFIG. Don’t forget that linux is case sensitive.

    With the GUI up, click on LOAD. You will need to navigate from /mnt to hd2… to the SYSTEM32 directory, click on CONFIG directory and click the OPEN button.

    Now you need to find the tables. This is where I gave up and switched to a different method of fixing my friend’s PC. But anyway after further review I think you can find them on the CD like so.

    Click on Tables in the GUI to specify the tables to be used in the crack. Navigate to /slax/ophcrack/ and select the ‘tables’ directory, then click the OPEN button.

    Now you should hopefully be able to click on the Launch button. Maybe there are more steps but give that a shot and let me know if it works or not.

  55. Works like a charm. This is a good tool.

  56. I am having the same problem as comment 44. I insert the dick and boot up my computer and it starts to load the data but then stop and a command line that just says [DR-DOS]A:\> pops up now I assume I am supposed to enter something but what? Any help would be vastly appreciated.

  57. and yes that typo was funny but you know what I meant. Be mature people lol. Still need help with the computer issue though I am getting tired of seeing [DR-DOS]A:\>

  58. saveferris Says:

    not sure if this has already been addressed but anyone know of any sites offering FREE nthash table?
    i have a laptop with vista.
    not looking foreword to paying $250.

  59. Saveferris,
    You can use the “WinRTGen” tool from to generate your own tables, they don’t take too long to create. You can also use the Ophcrack stand alone client to use the tables you create to crack whatever hashes you have.

  60. hi, i also facing same problems as comment 44, 56. I was burn 2 CD into bootable file but still getting into [DR-DOS]A:\> in Windows XP and Vista.. Please help!!!

  61. The main thing i’m enjoying while reading your blog is the way you write, you are a really charismatic person and your posts are wonderful, keep it up!

  62. Im having a bit of trouble.. I started to the down the the ophcrack but do i pose to burn it to a cd that havent been installed or burn it as installed?

  63. Hi, I had download the ophcrack iso image file to a cd, and when I booted the computer later it was all black… it didnt even that starting of of linux. When i checked the cd, it had files of [ boot, and slax] and more other files in it… Please tell me what happend?

  64. i actually burned it to the CD

  65. Blackflagismyfriend Says:

    Hi Blackflag,
    I downloaded the LiveCD ISO file as a WINRAR from the sourceforge website. Then I burnt it to a CD using Nero. Then I changed my BIOS boot sequence so the CD rom would be chosen before my HDD.
    During boot-up, a cursor comes up briefly and the CD spins a bit as if I’m going to get a CD boot, then it continues to the Windows boot.
    This is an ISO extension I’m using so I assume no extracting is necessary.
    Can you help me with this?
    Thanks very much

  66. I haven’t burned it using the winrar package, if you unpack the rar I assume there is a useable .iso inside? Does the md5 check out?

    If not I would go download the 1.2.2 .iso file directly, burn it to cd using nero (as an .iso project), and boot.

    Check that the md5 on the .iso is good and check that the media is bootable, if your bios skipped it at boot time it probably didn’t recognize the cd as a bootable iso.

  67. BlackFlag,

    I downloaded live CD and burned it using nero. I tried it on my office computer and it worked incredibly fast and came up with the very lengthy pass in minutes. I tried to use it on my home computer and it identified one partion and the admin and user names but listed the passes and “none found”. Any ideas?

  68. oops, listed them AS none found.

  69. tooconfused Says:

    ok so how exactly do u operate this software

  70. gone nuts Says:

    hi, i burned the ophcrack iso file, made the laptop boot from it. then i was prompted to select a version of the linux (then it selected on its own). now starts the trouble, the screen goes blank, nothing comes up, couldnt hear the cd drive working either.
    now, i’m using this on a vista home edition. is it not working bcoz of the anti virus? or do they not support ophcrack??
    please help,

  71. Insane one Says:

    ok, here is what I get:

    kernel panic – not syncing: IO-APIC + timer doesn’t work! Boot with apic=debug and send a report. Then try booting with the ‘noapic’ option

    I’ve tried every option available on the livecd but I don’t know what the above option is. I even tried the log in ‘toor’ way and still come up with a blank screen.
    Apparently it’s not reading my graphics card.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks so much

  72. You might be able to add the “acpi=off” boot parameter (google it) and get by the kernel panic. Other than that you might want to try a different live cd and locate the hashes manually. Copy them to a USB drive and then use Ophcrack (installed) or an online hash cracker to crack it. has one.

  73. Hi there, Im trying to crack a password for a colleagues grand daughters vista laptop and i keep getting ‘All LM hashes are empty. Please use NThash tables to crack the remaining tables’. I have downloaded winRTgen and have no idea what im doing as im not familiar hashes and what not.

    I click on the username under ‘username/lmhash’ and select launch, but i keep getting that message. Any ideas blackflag?


  74. I have a labtop running win vista that I leant to a friend and she put a password and she can’t remmember it. I ran ophcrack but I get this message (Please use NThash tables to crack the remaining hashes.” What do I do.


  75. Question for Steve, and several others trying to use ophcrack to solve this problem; have you already tried going into safe mode on bootup and logging into an Admin account that has not been password protected. Although applying passwords here is one of the first things I do with a system, I notice a lot of people overlook this. If you can get on this way, then you can simply change the password from the control panel / users icon. Goodluck.

  76. troubled Says:

    I don’t know about steve and the others but I have the same problem and cannot get onto the admin account with safemode. The message I get is “Please use NThash tables to crack the remaining hashes. Visit for more info” but I look for that website and it isnt there
    I use Vista. (sorry if that is redundant but thought it might be helpful to point that out)

  77. answersToNTHash Says:

    All the peeps with the dreaded NThash problem:

    “All Lm hashes are empty, please use NThash tables to crack the remaining hashes”

    I circumvented the above problem by following the instructions in the article at and was able to get my password on a vista machine.

    Be sure to share your results.

  78. or why not just use a simple local live cd? like offline local ntfs password remover? it works for all versions of windows (including vista) it’s super quick (boot up included) about 15 seconds max. either blanking or editing the sam file :p to a password you’d prefer. it’s an open source tool/project so you can make your own versions add custom drivers/libraries etc. using robust tools like ophcrack to crack the local hash can be tiresome, why not just blank or change the sonbitch?


  79. First, anyone who doesn’t know how to burn a cd or use linux shouldn’t be reading this.
    I mean really, burning a cd is a matter of double clicking the iso file on most modern machines.
    and linux, well, ever seen kde. its like windows on steroids.

    Problem I have is, on my dell machine, i can’t remember the BIOS pass.
    i’ve taken out the battery and put it back in. ( for a few seconds, everything else was reset…)
    and now, i can’t run very many ditros.

  80. Mine worked like in dos format and just listed the passwords for the user accounts. Never got the fluxbox desktop. Question I have is it asked for partition 0 and partition 1. Some passwords in one partition and not the other?

    Thanks in advance…

  81. waste of time… you have problem with your Windows NT/2k/XP/Vista password?

    let’s cut the shit and go forward to a new one fresh password with :

    it does not care how long is your forgotten password or which set of characters it use….


  82. Desperate Terri Says:

    I have the Ophcrack Live CD and it works fine on any XP machine I use it on.I have a particular Laptop with Vista that I need to get in to and it sends back a reply saying “not found ” in red for the password section of the vista login. I searched the tables directory on the cd and it lists the operating systems xp free xp special those say installed but vista free and vista special says not installed.So I am thinking that it is not compatible for vista.How do i get it to work for vista?It seems like it worked its jus that the password came bak not found and i doubt that the password is so difficult to decipher.

  83. Desperate Terri Says:

    i dont want to change the password of the vista machine i jus want to know i really want the ophcrack live cd to work.i saw a download for vista free but i tried to download it and it wasnt working.

  84. there is a program called “bartPE builder”.it makes a bootable cd like ophcrack, and it has GUI(user graphical interface). you can get sam and system files with its file management, and then uses any programs you like
    to crack the passwords (I suggest LCP).
    it is an alternative to ophcrack live-cd. maybe it works when you run into a problem with ophcrack.

  85. I am getting the “error select tables directory first” and cannot selent the tables…. does any know why this happens or what to do?

  86. Nevermind, found them…thanks anyway.

  87. Do you mind telling us where you found them?

  88. I used this on an hp laptop with XP, worked perfect. Now trying on a dell with win2000 and it stops at no partitions found containing hashes bash 3.1…
    I am a rookie, any help would be greatly appreciated.

  89. has anyone try vista yet? after finished found the password, it said, “passwoed has beed said in tmp/ophcrack.tmp”, do I the password?

  90. hi

    i got ophcrack live no prob, burned it no prob, booted no prob, basicly everything was great untill ophcrack had finnished cracking the password. it came up with “not found” on the Admin and Owner passwords. i have no idea why this is, could you guys help me out please?



  91. Hi Blackflad.

    I downloaded ophcrack, burned a bootable CD using Nero, booted the computer and arrived at a command line that reads [DR-DOS]A:\. Please advise what to enter here.


  92. after booting the Ophcrack v.20 for Vista, choose menu,,,,it hang at

    Enabling IO-APIC IRQS
    Timer: vector=0x31 apic1=0 pin1=2 apic2=1 pin2=1

    it just sat there…can you help tell me what is missing?

  93. Hello, I downloaded the iso. burned ti to a CD. Rebooted PC with disk in place and it seems like it starts but it hangs at:
    “Isolinux 3.61 2008-02-03 copyright (C) 1994-2008 H. peter Anvin”

    Can you help me?


  94. Hi.I have vista I downloaded it.burned it to a cd.and after while everything stops with command ” Module dependencies up to date(no new kernel modules found). ”

  95. Hello. I downloaded the 2.1 Vista version of the ophcrack liveCD. I have changed my boot sequence to the CD first. When I restart the computer and it starts its boo the process, the farthest it has gotten is to showing either “ISOLINUX 3.61 2008-02-03 isolinux” or “ISOLINUX 3.61 2008-02-03 isolinux: image checksum error.” I have burnt multiple CD’s and tried but have had no luck. I am using the CD on a Dell Lattitude laptop. Please offer any help possible to my situation.

    Thank you.

  96. very confused Says:

    How do you make it so the cd boots???,,,, i cant get it to even start…………….please help?!?!?!

  97. When I boot the Vista LiveCD everything runs fine then hangs at “Module dependencies up to date (no new kernel modules found).”
    Is this normal…am I suppose to continue to wait or is it stuck for some reason and if so, please tell me how I can resolve this problem.
    I am using a Toshiba Satellite running Vista.
    By the way, I have also already tried running Ophcrack in Text mode and still get the same problem.
    Please help with detailed instructions as to how I can solve this problem…Im very new to all this.

  98. hi,i burnt ophcrack live CD and set the computer in correct order to boot from Cd.but its doesn’t work,i don’t know the reason for that.i didn’t burn the CD as a bootable that the wrong with me?

  99. I’m having the same problem as Cas. I’m trying to crack the password on my neice’s laptop as she forgot it. Running Vista on an HP Pavilion dv4 notebook. I’ve tried every mode in Ophcrack and keeps hanging in the same spot “Module dependencies up to date (no new kernel modules found)”. Left it run for four hours and nothing. Rebooted several times.

  100. Hello
    I’m having a serious problem with ophcrack livecd 2.3.0. I’ve burnt it into a cd and it works fine. Its just when i getinto slitaz i get confused. A pop-up comes up saying no tables found. How do I fix this ? Help would be appreciated.

  101. hello. i have a problem with ophcrack when its booted it says- No partition hashes found-and the computer is properly shut down! Also I dont know is this important i use windows xp thats called windows inspiron ultimate! please help!

  102. hello there i have ohpcrack 2.3.0 live cd

    when i boot the iso it loads fine but when it gets in to linux a terminal window pops up and says ” no table ” i have checked and found the tables all on the cd
    please help

  103. Kristelle J Says:

    No partitions containing hashes found !!
    Thats what I get when I boot up the ophcrack cd.
    Does anyone know what to do next? or how to find the hashes?
    I know that the password is only five characters long.

  104. ophcrack live cd 2.3.0 problem:no tables found how to reslove

  105. I get the error:
    Kernel panic – not syncing: Out of memory and no killable processes…

    Is this referring to the amount of ram that I have in the machine? Either way, how can I fix this error?
    Running the latest version of OPHCrack on a Windows XP Pro system with 256 mb of ram.

  106. Nicopika Says:

    I got “No partitions containing hashes found” message too.
    I saw that the Windows partition was not mounted, so I mounted it (“mount /dev/sda2 /mnt/sda2” in my case).
    Then I launched again the script and all works fine.

  107. mr. gold Says:

    ok, i am having the “no tables found” problem as above, but i am linux+ certified and i have delved a bit deeper into the issue but still not having any luck.

    first off, i am using an acer laptop, it has 3 partitions, one sys restore (10gig UNKNOWN), one marked for boot (32gig FAT16) and one other (32gig NTFS)…

    fdisk -l displays all 3… and they are all mounted correctly…

    ls -a for part 1 (mnt/sda1) errors out because it doesnt know the type, thats fine…

    ls -a for part 2 (/mnt/sda2) displays empty file structure

    ls -a for part 3 (/mnt/sda3) lists random directories, none of which are windows, or winnt… it has program files, but it only has quicktime listed in there… it doesnt have hardly any of the standard vista directory structure…

    soooo my guess is that this is a ?permissions issue?

    if anyone can help or maybe give me some guiding light here let me know… THANKS A MILLION! GREAT PAGE!

  108. Find Nemo Says:

    I am on same boat with Mr. Gold. I have burned Ophcrack in ISO format and successfully booted the CD in locked out computer. It loaded up and said “no tables found”. I tried to find a way to merge new cd in ISO format for Ophcrack with table and no luck.

    Still need help in this area. I need an link of ISO image that actually works. If you have older version, let me know and I will download it.

  109. I have encountered the “no tables found” problem too. According to all postings here I’ve done everything just right. It boots up normal, Linux works fine, it’s just that it doesn’t want to find anything. Any way around, maybe through one of the Linux sys tools, or else?

  110. hi i am using ophlive cd 4 xp just now .after loading it dont show any password ………….just load like linux…..i have tried many times……..every time iget it just a linux……no password…whats the prob please help

  111. Davey Crocket Garten Says:


    How about we figure out how to get the drivers for the storage on our systems running. I’m pushong OPHcrack into a SAS HBA and getting “no hashes found.”

    BS! The system boots to a login prompt. There is a password in this beast somewhere…but its behind the driver door to my Sas drives.

    How to get into tthe HBA is the question, not “where are the hashes!” Gotta clue?

    Pass it along…


  112. I downloaded Ophcrack 2.2 or 2.3 for vistsa and when it loads on the post, this is what I get( kernal panic – not syncing: Attemped to kill the idle task) I also tried to redownload and burn, I got the same message can u help me…
    I tried Ophcrack for xp and it worked fine I retrieved my password…
    its vista im having problem.. (iam using Win Vista premium )

  113. hello its me again i forgot to mention and comment that it was a virtual machine

  114. I have the same problem, no hashes found?? I bought this for my missus and let her set it all up except, no offense to women, she screwed it big time as “I dont really do computers”. lol. so for the last two weeks i have tried all sorts of stuff, virus contaminated and several rollbacks required to find this software, which doesnt appear to work? I dont want to have to reinstall vista cos it didnt come with a disc, please help a freshman recover his love life lol x x

  115. Hey, Black Flag. Great tut. And I am downloading the ophcrack live-cd now. I know how to do all of the booting from cd stuff. Been doing this kind of stuff for a WHILE.

    I usually do the hash cracking with ASCII tables manually. But this will save me a lot of time THANKS. And just wondering if I have “accidentally” lost my admin panel passwd on my website then do you know of any programs or software that I can use to save time and “recover” my passwd?

    Thanks in advance. :)

    Any ways. EXCELLENT tut. And to everyone out there HAPPY HACKING :)

  116. Hey Black Flag, I am trying to look for a Hacking group that I can get into. Do you know any? If so thanks.

  117. i too get no hashes found on vista business.
    run ophrack command manually but cant locate the SAM file.
    Anyone knows the steps to locate the encrypted SAM File?

    Many Thanks

  118. hi i have a problem that ophcrack works fine in low ram mode but takes a lot of time in cracking. by the way i have only been able to crack few user passwords but not the admin. now when i try to run the programe in normal mode it shuts down itself after loading about 70% i dont now whats the problem. nt hash are available but no lm hash or any password. waiting for the reply

  119. i had a problem with ophcrack live cd
    i boot it from my usb and it couldn’t find syslinux 3.51 and i found out that it needed the cfg file named syslinux.cfg
    i did that and then i got the screen and after a while it said it couldn’t find
    livecd.sng so i copied every file like that and put it in to the directory where it couldn’t find it. so i did that and now it says
    kernal panic – something about init what do i do about this error
    i need a list of troubleshooting’s on how to fix every problem with ophcrack live cd for usb thank you,.

  120. Hello to all,

    Well I have the USB Ophcrack ready to run, I booted via USB the Vista LiveCD as with the others commenting as well everything seem to runs fine until all of a sudden when it reaches to “Module dependencies up to date (no new kernel modules found).” it seems to stop or I assume that it is to take very long to load is this normal do I suppose or assume that I need to continue or wait for it to advance or is it stuck for some reason and if so can it be corrupted, Do I need to download or install a special module so this can work properly as I need to crack my password asap.
    Can you please tell me how I can resolve this problem or what I need to do or missed out.

    I am using a HP PAvilion DV5 laptop running Win Vista Home Premium

    Also I have also already tried running Ophcrack in Text mode, VESA mode and still get the same problem. What should I do?

    Please help with detailed instructions as to how I can solve this problem…Im new school to this.

  121. hello,
    i want to ask a qus …………..
    is there any risk in downloading oph crack live cd in my P.C………………….
    is there a risk of any body hacking my computer…………………….????????????????????
    we can use it to hack another computer online……………..?????????????

  122. hello,
    i want to ask a qus …………..
    is there any risk in downloading oph crack live cd in my P.C………………….
    is there a risk of any body hacking my computer…………………….????????????????????
    we can use it to hack another computer online……………..?????????????
    tell me more usages about it

  123. Nikita_lost Says:

    Ok, i burned the disk, tested it and put it in the computer that i am locked out of, I switched the BIOS and it wont boot the cd, it just takes me to the login screen of the comp. What am I supposed to do here?

  124. I have burned Ophcrack in ISO format and successfully booted the CD in locked out computer. It loaded up and said “no tables found”. I tried to find a way to merge new cd in ISO format for Ophcrack with table and no luck. how do i get the tables to installed? help

  125. sk8thez0o2 Says:

    Im trying to get into my sisters old comp, shes away at college, i downloaded ophcrack live cd put it in ran it got to a screen with 4 different choices text mode automatic,… i have loaded from all but alls i keep getting is “not found” just need to know how to get the password? please and thankyou.

  126. Hey I recently put a pw on my Vista laptop.
    I forgot the password, stupid me =P
    The thing is, I have used ophcrack to get the web administrator password from my school, no problems there.
    I did everything, got it going, but then, Something like “choose from the hashes” came up.
    I know some, but I just can’t get around that step, I write the hash path but the program tells my there is a syntax error, which I can’t find.
    Please help… I love my laptop and I miss the things I had in it, like a password bank… damn im so lazy =S

  127. Hi,

    my Live CD works fine but although my password isnt too complicated (7 characters at the most without special characters) ophcrack doesnt show the whole pw when the brute-force is completed. Instead the shell tells me that Iconv_open failed. How can I fix this?


  128. mEllSom:
    There are some things to do, I tried ophcrack with vista and it failed miserably, I, on the otherside, achieved getting into the computer with a password removal / changer LiveCD i cant find, remember it being like 3 mb big. Find it, burn the iso, execute the program and follow the commands. It´s command based, so if you have any problems with it reply here and I´ll guide you through it… cheers if you can!

  129. i have the same problem with Mr gold and ther is not a response for his question can i have any response pleaze

  130. Blaster V Says:

    I’ve downloaded OPHCrack and burt it to a CD with no problems, I boot into the CD but I get a window that says “No Tables found!” Any ideas what is goin on? Thanks in advance for any help provided.

  131. I have a similar problem as a matt I have booted iso cd it runs through Linux, but stalls at final window saying No tables, I read through your threads and have not seen a response. Any help will be appreciated.

  132. Hey Dan, as you can see above I had the same problem. What I did was completely delete any OphCrack files from my computer, re-downloaded, and re-burned everything. Once I re-booted it worked just fine. I got my passwords back in less 1 minute.

  133. I had the same problem!!
    Every time came ‘No partition containing hashes found!’
    But I fixed the problem!
    First you have to look (in the BIOS) wether your HDD is the Primary Master!!!
    If it’s not, the programm doesn’t work!

    I hope I could help someone of you!!


  134. My hard disk a Dell. Dell partition all their hard disks. Is there anything that can be done to get oprack to work and dell. or this there anorher software that would wotk on partitioned dell?

  135. hi…. how can i wodnload this CD? :(……….

  136. my problem is the “no partition hashes found ! !”
    so far ive followed the instuctions on this link
    ive changed the boot priority on the laptop so it boots from the usb.
    it opens the GUI and i can choose from 4 different “boot options”
    graphic automatic
    graphic manuel
    a third.
    and a text based boot (wich im far too inferior to use)
    i use the manuel graphic boot so i can set my keymapping to danish.
    it loads fine but when linux opens there a window wich has the “no partition hashes found ! !” message.
    i can use the linux system without any complains and browse the net.
    actully im writing this on the very laptop.
    can anyone please give me detailed(explaining) instuctions on how to get past this hurdle.
    since im so inexperienced with this kind of work,i get confusef by many of the earlier posts since they dont explain where and how and what im supposed to mount.
    explainations in posts on this topic would be greatly appreciated
    personnally i would like to get in e-mail/ventrilo contact with an expirienced or more than novice hacker or programmer.
    thanks upfront.

  137. Well you dont download the CD but you download the program and then you burn it to the CD. You can find blank cds at Wal-Mart.

  138. katiescarlett71 Says:

    I ran the cd at start up but had to press F12 and then select cd-rom. It ran through a bunch of stuff then stopped at a page that said something partitions and to select one. There were two listed. 0. and 1.

    At two different times I selected both of them and was told to log out y/n

    I did not get to a point where I could see anything resembling passwords, etc. What did I do wrong? Can anyone help. I have a DELL Inspiron PC with Vista.

  139. Ok,
    So it seems the problem with the ” no partition containing hashes found !! ” issue is directly correlated with dell hard drives. Right? Ophcrack cannot find the dell hard drives.
    fdisk -l doesn’t even give me sda2 in my case… I think there is an issue here with the software that is a dead end for us.
    My thoughts are that we might just have to wait it out for an update to Ophcrack, or try a whole nother solution altogether.
    If anyone finds a work around, be it ophcrack or not, let me know because I’m really interested in figuring this out.

  140. finger pie Says:

    I’m having trouble running ophcrack on a new Dell Inspiron Zino Hd which comes with windows 7. The program works fine on my older machine but not on this. I have a feeling it is because the inspiron boots from linux.

    Is there a way around this? If I use the Linux version of ophcrack will that find windows paswords?

    or is there a way to run the windows version of ophcrack from Dos? If so what are the commands to do so? I know nothing about dos!!!

  141. I am trying to run the Live CD on Toshiba Satellite Pro A100. I have Windows XP

    The program runs fine and starts loading XP FREE SMALL tables in RAM and when 100% Ram is loaded it simply bombs and give me following error

    It is bit long error message:

    Starting ophtrack

    QIconvCode : : ConvertFromUnicode : using ASCII for conversion
    iconv_open failed
    QIconvcode: :ConvertoUnicod: using ASCII for conversion iconv_open failed
    /home/tux/ line 100 1190 killed
    ophcrack -d/ -t/ $TABLES_INLINE -w $FOUND / -n $numcpu -0 /tmp/ ophcrack.txt $opts

    Please help.

  142. kernelPanic Says:


    I burned Ophcrack and booted my old comp from the cd, it loads the ophcrack GUI so i think i have the cd burned correctly. the problem is it gets to unpacking initramfs then gives me: kernel panic – not syncing: out of memory and no killable processes. any advice would be appreciated.

  143. I have the same problem as ” KATIESCARLETT71″.
    I ran the cd at start up but had to press F12 and then select cd/dvd. It ran through a bunch of stuff then stopped at a page that said something about partitions and to select one. There were two listed:
    0. /mnt/sda2/Windows/System32/config
    1. /mnt/sda3/Windows/System32.config

    Mulyiple times I selected both of them with and without the begining numbers and was told that “the file / can’t be found” then asks me “log out y/n”

    I also have a dell inspirion, with vista.
    Please help !!! Please

  144. hi
    i downloaded ophcrack and burnd to a CD-R using isoburner and when i boot it up
    evrithing works but when the fist page comes up it says tables not found.
    please help i need the pc for school.

  145. Blaster Says:

    Hey Ivan,
    I had that same problem. What I did was redownload the tables and burn them onto a fresh disk (CD-R) and it worked fine. Hope this helps!

  146. Hi, thanks for the information of this program.
    I had find the password but it didn’t work.


    My Old Computer is IBM thinkpad, and logon in different user account not the admin account. Is that be a problem?


  147. newb1919 Says:

    I am using ophcrack on my Viao running Vista to recover my password. The program runs fine and when brute force is 100%, Tables are preloaded, and 100% Ram is loaded it stops unexpectantly and the following message is displayed:

    Starting ophcrack

    QIconvCode : : ConvertFromUnicode : using ASCII for conversion
    iconv_open failed
    QIconvcode: :ConvertoUnicod: using ASCII for conversion iconv_open failed
    /home/tux/ line 100 1190 killed
    ophcrack -d/ -t/ $TABLES_INLINE -w $FOUND / -n $numcpu -0 /tmp/ ophcrack.txt $opts
    Press Any Key….

    Please help.

  148. I also got a No partition containing hashes found!!” error. For me, this was due to drive lock (drive encryption).

  149. I followed this procedure and it worked fine. However, when it got to the table in said all passwords were “empty.” So I finished, restarted and tried to log in with no luck, even when keeping the password empty. I’ve tried to log in so many times now, is it possible I’m just locked out for so many attempts? I have no idea what to do next. I am the Administrator on my son’s laptop and changed the password months ago and forgot to write it down. I’ve tried everything I can think of with no luck. Thanks for your help.

  150. I believe you can download them on your regular computer and, then open up the contents of the Ophocrack Live cd and there is a folder name ‘Tables’ and you put the downloaded ones in there.

  151. I have a Gateway fx4710 with an external hard drive.
    I can’t access bios to change the boot sequence because it is admin password protected (which is the password I am trying to recover with ophcrack).
    Is there a way to boot from the ophcrack CD in the external hard drive through a user command prompt?
    Explicit instructions would be helpful (line by line).
    Thank you for your time.

  152. David Jackson Says:

    I need a tad of help, I can completely boot ophcrack live cd v2.3.1 on my xp computer, but when i have fully booted the linux based software on to my computer, it brings up a small window saying “no tables found” and this is my second attempt at using it and my second failure,

    I am looking for resolutions to this problem and was wondering if anybody could help

  153. Please help

    I boot up Ophcrack liveCD onto my computer, and the program starts hacking, but once the ram loads to about 86% it shuts down and terminal windows appear stating i have to shut down the system? what can i do?

  154. I have ophcrack vista livecd burned, ran the program but it said password not found on every account, including two i know are 9 lowercase letters

  155. briannamadzel Says:

    it loaded and went to the correct screen where you can click enter or it will automatically begin the booting process.. but mine has stayed at a screen that says
    loading /boot/bzImage……………..
    and then it doesnt do anything else.

    helllllllllllp!! or someone give me answers on how i can reset my owner password on my hp laptop! thankyou :)

  156. I see the windows 8 review and is great .I post on my blog 3 links to download windows 8 for free and some video with boot up time and features…

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    […]Recovering Windows Passwords with the Ophcrack Live-CD « The Black Flag[…]…

  159. will it really work…. i burnt iso image into a cd…… tried to boot from cd…. but it didn’t show any options……wat to do?????????????????? pls??????????????? helppppppppppp

  160. how to reset password on windows…

    […]Recovering Windows Passwords with the Ophcrack Live-CD « The Black Flag[…]…

  161. A very quick question, I have a server at work running windows ultimate on a mac pro. We recently had a power cut and the server rebooted itself but is now requesting the password to restart windows 7 ultimate, the original manager that set this up is no longer with us and we’re unable to contact him and therefore can not get back in. What I would like to know is would this program work on giving me the password and also would it affect any of the files currently stored on its hard drive both encrypted and non-encrypted .

  162. Can i re use the CD i have just burned in the future incase i forget my password again ?

  163. HELP! i am running windows 7 using ophcrack live cd and find on auto mode it boots ok and runs text ect but then goes blank so i tried text mode and all runs ok but tells me password is stored in /temp/ophcrack.txt what comand do i use to see this info. thanks

  164. watch tv networks online…

    […]Recovering Windows Passwords with the Ophcrack Live-CD « The Black Flag[…]…

  165. Adamu mohammed Says:

    Thanks big bro. I have downloaded ophcrack vista for my vista windows and burned two cds using poweriso and imgburn. But when it boot from the cd and get to a point it display ‘new kernel modules not found’.

  166. Yar Plz thora khud bhi search kar lia karo. I am positive lolza

  167. Hola a todos, espero que me podais ayudar. Mi problema es el siguiente: Me descargue el live-cd de ophcrack 3.4 para Vista/Win7, yo tengo windows 7.Lo grabe con nero burning rom en la opcion de CD (boot) (o hay que grabarlo en la opcion CD (ISO) ?) hasta alli bien, pero logo cuando bootea del CD me carga algo raro y despues de algunos segundos se me paró, ponia [DR-DOS]A:\> y puedes escribir, pongo algo pero me pone invalid command. Porfavor estare muy agradecido si me podeis ayudar, Gracias de antemano

  168. Hello all, I hope that you can help me. My problem is as follows: Me To download the live-cd of ophcrack 3.4 for Vista/Win7, i have windows 7.The burn with nero burning rom in the CD option (boot) (or is it necessary to burn it in the CD option (ISO) ?) until there either, but then when you boot the CD loads me something rare and after a few seconds I stopped, put [DR-DOS]A:> Please. i will be very grateful if you can help me, thanks in advance

  169. will some one please send me a cd of both ophcrack 1 for vista and 1 for xp i will pay u 20 dollers a pice if you will mail them to me and thay work send them to travis faulkner 224 rippy rd. tryon nc 28722 thank you.

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  171. Ok, for anybody hitting the “No tables found” error when the CD launches: I found a mention of a bug that causes this – but now I don’t know where I saw it… So, here’s what it said: if you have more than one CD/DVD drive (or perhaps it was any more drives than a floppy, hard drive and a CD/DVD), this error will pop up.

    The solution: power down the machine, open it up, then disconnect the power cable from any secondary CD/DVD drives. Restart the machine with the Ophcrack LiveCD in place, and it should run smoothly from there (it did for me…)


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