GSPC: Jihad Denied

I’ve been watching their site carefully for a couple of weeks and right on queue it went offline.

That’s two for us and none for them, I’ll leave it to the reader to speculate how this happened but I can say it wasn’t an accident.

The Great Satan™ never sleeps.

Getting DNS A Record:
Searching for A record at []:
Got referral to [took 236 ms]
Searching for A record at []:
Got referral to [took 89 ms]

Searching for A record at []:

Timed out. Trying again.

What this means is that their DNS record has been removed by the web host due to spam or abuse (Terms of Service violation? Say it aint so). Amazing how some web hosts really don’t like hosting websites for Al-Qaeda.


4 Responses to “GSPC: Jihad Denied”

  1. Personally, I wish hosts would go ahead and host the AQ sites, while feeding information to the FBI, CIA, etc. That could allow for authorities to get a bead on some of these emerging Islammunist spinter groups.

  2. Alot of companies do host them, because they dont check on what an account is really being used for, too many to sites to watch.

    The assorted Agenicies do watch the people that need watching, they have certain powers granted via the Patriot Act that really helps here. I’m all for the PA and really don’t see it as a pre-cursor to the police state that alot of the lefties do. If you find something on the web that you think is important enough that the FED should now about it feel free to go to the FBI’s website and fill out the “Tip” form.

  3. I agree. The PA is overstated by the left. It is a danger only to terrorists (or their supporters among the Left). I have my gripes with Bush–he’s too liberal for me–but I have no gripe with the PA.

  4. I hear you ;)

    I’d like to see a few things tightened up myself in the Whitehouse, too much pandering going on there for my tatses.

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