Israel, Hezbollah & the UN

As Israel and Hezbollah continue their fight in Southern Lebanon, many are calling for UN peacekeepers to get involved. As we listen to these calls for intervention, now might be a good time for some reflection. I direct your attention to David Kopel’s post on The Volokh Conspiracy titled United Nations an Accomplice in Hezbollah Kidnapping. Keep this story in mind while we listen to more calls for UN intervention.


One Response to “Israel, Hezbollah & the UN”

  1. now the arguement is between a chapter 6 or 7 force in lebanon. if the UN force doesn’t have the ablility or mandate to fire (exp in self defence) then the force will be useless. until the world understands that from the religion of Islam is our problem then there is no hope of us winning. we are being so policially correct that we waste energy, resources and time on people that aren’t even involved in the demonic religion.

    we are to smart for our own good.

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