Apache2: Log Management with SetEnvIf

Maintaining an Apache2 webserver takes a bit of fine tuning to get everything just how I like it. Apache has excellent logging capability and these logs, if properly maintained are an excellent information resource for any administrator.

However, if unmanaged these logs can get too large to handle. One of the things I like to do is use logrotate to set the time frames that my logs will rotate in, typically on a daily basis, and keep seven days worth of each log. I also use a bit of code in my httpd.conf file that calls the Apache module “SetEnvIf” to omit requests for certain file types from the access logs. This helps keep your logs small enough where you can work with them easily by ignoring requests for specified file types like .png, .jpg etc.

Add the section of code below to your httpd.conf and to each virtual host container on your server, edit it according to your needs.

# Add the following code to httpd.conf to invoke the SetEnvIf module.
# Designate a remote address to ignore (content switch/load balancer?) if you choose.
# The line below ignores traffic with a source IP of: (any x.x.x.x address will do)
SetEnvIf Remote_Addr “192\.168\.252\.1” dontlog
# These lines ignore requests for .gif,.jpg, .png and .ico image files, add additional lines as needed.
# The “dontlog” variable is assigned to the file types listed.
SetEnvIf Request_URI \.gif dontlog
SetEnvIf Request_URI \.jpg dontlog
SetEnvIf Request_URI \.ico dontlog
SetEnvIf Request_URI \.png dontlog
SetEnvIf Request_URI \.css dontlog
# Log everything else except for what is marked by the “dontlog” variable to the “access_log”.
CustomLog logs/access_log combined env=!dontlog
# Ignore requests for the robots.txt file
SetEnvIf Request_URI “^/robots\.txt$” dontlog

I did a bit of googling and got part of the section above there, I can’t remember exactly where but the SetEnvIf section of the Apache manual contains everything you need to know and more.


2 Responses to “Apache2: Log Management with SetEnvIf”

  1. I was unable to get the SetEnvIf Remote_Addr “192\.168\.252\.1″ dontlog to work. I also added CustomLog logs/access_log combined env=!dontlog to the conf file. I will have to keep looking.

  2. sleep masks…

    […]Apache2: Log Management with SetEnvIf « The Black Flag[…]…

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