Analysing Current Global Islamist Ideologies

The Hudson Institue has released a three part research document that explores the ideological similarities of Islamist terror groups world wide. The document titled “Current Trends in Islamist Ideology” consists of three parts, the first of which I will reference here.

The document is in .pdf format and requires the free Adobe reader or an alternate pdf reader of your choice. Volume one of this series is 89 pages in length and is very informative. If you really want to gain valuable insight into the War on Terror and why the West is currently fighting against the Global Jihad it is required reading. I’ll give you a hint, it really has nothing to do with the Danish “Mohammad Cartoons”, “The Neo-Con Agenda” or “The Zionist Crusade” and eveything to do with the desire to establish a global Islamic Caliphate.

The document is provided by the “Project for the Research of Islamist Movements” and is located here.


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