Terrorism Has No Religion

The website NoTerror has released several very well made television and video clips denouncing terroristtactics as a means to spread Islam. The owners of this project denounce Islamic terrorists as misguided, thier mission statement follows:

All religions, human codes and ethics, and even our most primitive intuition regard terrorism to be villainous. True Islam also rejects and condemns terrorism.
‘Terrorism has no religion’ is our on-going communication campaign against extremist ideology that breeds terrorism, and we use Quranic Verses in their true Islamic meaning; free of the distortion committed by the misguided malicious terrorists.

Go on over to thier website and have a look at the video’s, you’ll be glad you did.


One Response to “Terrorism Has No Religion”

  1. yasinovich Says:

    the way you lie make me confident that JIhad is becoming more and more important to me and my only way to be happy in life and after life:;!!!!!!!!!

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