A Blackwater Security Sniper in Iraq

Since Al-Boraq Media saw fit to release the “Juba 2” video I thought it was only fitting to post this short video of Blackwater Security Forces engaging Mahdi Army Militia in Iraq. You can hear a Barrett .50 firing at about 1:20 into it.


16 Responses to “A Blackwater Security Sniper in Iraq”

  1. i just want to know how i could get into something like this im really looking forward for a reply back.

  2. Michael,
    Get into something like what? Private Security contracting? Just follow the link above to the Blackwater USA site and have a look, or see your local Armed Forces recruiter.

  3. It’s great to see the good guys giving it to the bad guys for once.

  4. getting into something like this huh? do you know anything about “this”? people that are “into something like this” are hard to find for advice, blackwater is a great route, though i recommend DOD first. you can go army sniper, or seal sniper. i went navy and wouldnt have it any other way. look into man, go to your home town recruiter and tell him you want to be a killer, those were my exact words. huh. goodluck.

  5. LimpetShark Says:

    This is not a business for everyone and they will not hire just anyone, we are hard trained and former special operations personnel for several years.Some of us even retired from the special operations command with 20 some odd years and that is not the norm.

    Just stick to what you do now and leave this business to us.

  6. I was discharged for erroneous enlistment from the USMC. I completed recruit training and earned the title United States Marine.I know, big deal right. I qualified expert with the m16 a2 service rifle. I wanted to be a sniper. I am 30 now. If I went overseas,I would fit right in. My mother is Arab. My father was Navy and CDC, an epidemiologist/MD(Cpt). I’m just a loser in Austin trying to get a record deal, when I should be hunting terrorists. If I had the opportunity, I would. I’ll work for minimum wage. I just need a real reason to wake up in the morning. Not kidding. College education, high school diploma. Tri-lingual.Devil Dog…Hire me..please. This message is intended for a Blackwater or VIP solutions recruiter.

  7. Jude, I seriously doubt you’ll find a recruiter here. Go over to the Blackwater site and send off a contact email if your interested in that sort of work.

  8. Gentlemen,

    After carefully reading just about all of the news media regarding Blackwater, I say, where do I sign up. For decades our military has been constrained to fighting a gentlemens war yet our enemy continues to use more aggressive tactics that are totally inhumane. We need an organization that will go in and fight the same fight that our enemies are using against us but 100 times more aggressive. I served with the U.S. Army for 8 years and I possess my own remington 700 snipers rifle with a snipers scope that will pick an enemy out at 500 yards easily. If Blackwater wants me, they can have me.

  9. by the way you speak, I can asure you
    blackwater will not be interested in you.

  10. how about blackwater isn’t necessarily the good guy just because theyre fighting for our country. how about blackwater is involved in almost as many shady dealings as the islamic militia they’re fighting. how about from the perspective of any other country, we’re just as bad as them.

    i mean what is this? hiring external militia is just a way of getting around the laws that stop our everyday troops from doing things that are fucking wrong.

    oh wait, the terrorists do them too?

    well then we’re fucking terrorists.


  11. Your lack of military history is showing.

    How about you hit the back button on your browser, head back over to DU and spare me your wisdom.

  12. Carl Williams Says:

    why are there so many computer chair heros? i just got into army intellegence im a 35 foxtrot. look it up if you dont know… as far as black water goes.. you cant just.. get in… its composed of seals, green berrets, and delta accordingly and other groups we dont know about.. so there is no mc donalds like application. honestly… if someone did get in.. off the streets due to an e-mail etc… i think black waters credibility would be nill… especially to anyone here understanding the horrible scrutiny of the millitary now days. in fact right now you cant even join army front line infantry in my state with any kind of criminal charge… even misdimenor, unless it was “dismissed with prejudice” by the judge… so saying all that, how would it make sense that this elite group would go down to the depths of internet fourms… or even e-mails when they have a wealth of experiance an brillance coming out of langly, and intel school in Arizona, and the seals from buds?

  13. Relax.

    Don’t get worked up on a hit and run comment from some guy that has more enthusiasm than ability.

  14. security labels…

    […]A Blackwater Security Sniper in Iraq « The Black Flag[…]…

  15. I am intrigued by the opportunity to once again fight for my country at a different set of rules.. what my biggest issue is… why announce what must be done over the internet? that makes me wonder as to the validity of the job as a whole. If you are for real and seriously want a person to come in and do a pro job then please contact me and please be real.

  16. Remarkable issues here. I am very satisfied to see your article. Thanks so much and I am looking ahead to contact you. Will you kindly drop me a mail?

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