3rd Battalion, 1st Marines in Fallujah

The following is a very well produced video, created by a US Marine, covering his unit during close quarters combat in Fallujah. It’s got a nice soundtrack as an extra bonus.


9 Responses to “3rd Battalion, 1st Marines in Fallujah”

  1. Breakfast With the 3rd

    Hat tip: Black Flag….

  2. blackflag – I come here to get some of the latest. this is so well done. keep up the great work. I love the closing of the 3rd battalion video…

  3. Thanks RT, I appreciate it.

  4. Now this is the sort of video that has me gazing with pride at my honorable discharge from the USMC. Its value to me is higher than the bachelor’s degree hanging a couple feet from it. I remember more from my Marine Corps days than I do from college.

    Truly motivating stuff! Thanks and Semper Fi!

  5. F. I agree completely, I am a veteran of COMNAVAIRPAC, COMCARGRU-3 (that’s as specific as I can get) and remember it fondly. I still try and do as much as I can to help the effort.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  6. whats the name of the song thats playing in the background?

  7. As an ex-marine from 3/1, 1967-68, machine gunner ……..Semper Fi and keep the tradition of “Kicken’ ASS”

  8. TEXANNO1 Says:

    yes they protect our country from all thats evil and our border-line. even on the other side of the globe. i am glad that we are the good ones in this world. sad that there are no other good ones besides us. america over everything. erverything in the world.

  9. Thank you.. stumbled on ur page trying to find a friend who joined thanks for the taste of reality……Semper Fi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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