The New World Order (In the USA)

wtcThe entire World knows by now that the Democratic Party in the United States has gained the majority in both the House and the Senate, only the Office of the President remains Republican. I typically don’t blog here regarding events that all of the mainstream sites are covering, even this election loss for the Republican Party. However, after considering the change of power and reading the “big blogs” coverage I’ve decided to make an exception and make a statement on this issue.

I’m not going to get into why I think the Republicans lost the mid-term elections or how badly prepared I think the Democrats are to hold both Houses, instead I’m going to comment on how it will affect the current state of World affairs. There is alot of uncertainty regarding how the Democrats will approach certain issues, on some issues there is no doubt at all as to what is going to happen. The Democratic party today is the party of “Terrorist Enablers”, they denigrate the US Armed Forces, not even bothering to diguise thier contempt for those who place thier lives in harms way to protect the freedoms we all enjoy as US Citizens. They support the enemies of America in action and speech and openly support Dictators, Socialists, Communists and Theocracies the World over in an attempt to get international approval for thier own acts of treason.

In the always “Happy World” of the Democratic Party every conflict is solved by diplomacy, there are no losers and there are no failures… they believe if only America will agree to the demands of it’s enemies everything will be “O.K.”.

This belief is a lie.

The enemies of America are today celebrating a victory for thier causes, the America they knew would hold them accountable for thier actions has been replaced with one that prefers “dialog” to punishment. The greatest threat to Western civilization since the Cold War is now renewing it’s efforts to strike fear into the hearts of America. Islamic Fascism, Salafism and Al-Qaeda are emboldened by the new balance of power in America, secure in the knowledge that they can now regroup, re-arm and strike with impunity without fear of retribution. Gone is the American government that stood shoulder to shoulder with the US Armed Forces, lending it’s unconditional support and encouragement to finish the job we started. The US Military can now expect to be “re-deployed” away from conflict zones, it can expect to be downsized like it was during the Clinton administration and used a “global police force” moving at the whim of the U.N.

The Democrats will “cut-and-run” from Iraq, and probably Afghanistan as well, The Taliban and Al-Qaeda will be emboldened and will become stronger than ever before, all in the name of Democratic Parties vision of “Peace”. Iran will invade Iraq in the name of providing “regional stability” and in so doing will capture the oil fields along the Gulf, then becoming a Superpower and shortly thereafter a nuclear power as well. All will be well in “Happy World” until the Salafists strike on American soil again…

What will not happen is that even though the Republican Party lost the election those of us who have supported the U.S. Armed Forces will not abandon our commitment in this time of need. There is still a World War going on against extremist Islam, places like Sudan, Iraq, Israel, Chechnya, the UK, US, Bali, Indonesia, Somalia, Phillipines…. all of these people are fighting those who would impose Sharia on the those who are not Muslim. The war’s with American involvment are not the only wars being fought even though the Democrats would like you to think so.
Now, more than ever before, we must stand fast in our resolve to be free people, to do the right thing and protect those who are weak against those who would conquer and enslave them in the name of thier own perverted interpretation of Islam.

We must stand fast in our support of the troops, they need our continued support to complete an already difficult job in these difficult times.

We must stand fast in our resolve to assist our Allies in the War on Terror, a blow to American credibility now will likely result in the US fighting alone in our time of need.

We must stand fast in our pursuit of those who would see our way of life destroyed, the resolve of our enemies has been strengthened and we must not falter.

We must never forgive and never forget those innocent people who were murdered on 9/11/2001, how it came to be and how it can come to be again if we, as a Nation, allow it.

I have commited myself to protecting America in every way I know how, regardless of who holds the Majority in the House and Senate, I am in this for the long haul…

Are you?


6 Responses to “The New World Order (In the USA)”

  1. Thanks for the comments. It’s hard for a people so blessed with the gift of freedom, paid in full by the blood of all the fallen, to see the path ahead. Our fate is now sealed. The next two years will set the table for the coming 50. My life, and the life of my children, have all been put at greater risk – all for the attainment of a full scale socialist agenda. Our unwillingness to breath in the stench of war and accept it to the end, to peace, has opened a new channel for our enemies. They have seen our armor’s weakness, and are prying it open. It will only embolden them to dig deeper, and so must we.

  2. […] Wrote blackflag of blackflag (in his post “The New World Order (In the USA)”): In the always “Happy World” of the Democratic Party every conflict is solved by diplomacy, there are no losers and there are no failures… they believe if only America will agree to the demands of it’s enemies everything will be “O.K.”. […]

  3. Just fround “Black Flag” through a friend. Read Diplomacy & War. I’m sure you are writing to the choir. However, to those who still wear rose colored glasses you have no idea how accurate these statements are.

    Thanks for being dead on target.

  4. Your welcome.

    It was just this week that Senator Reid and Pelosi (D) were on the news talking about stopping a troop buildup by using thier majority in the Senate to restrict funding for the War on Terror. It’s only going to get worse from here.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Aurélien Says:

    Fox NEWS: 9-11 the Israeli connection

  6. I can always count on you for a good laugh Aurelien.

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