A Path to “Peace” in Iraq

Ace over at Ace of Spades HQ has written a piece on how to gain a lasting peace in Iraq, it isn’t pretty but I have to say it sounds effective. It’s the sort of thing that needs to be done to get that country back on track “Peace Through Superior Firepower” if you will.

An excerpt is below.


The Sunnis cannot win this war.

They are greatly outnumbered. The best they can hope for is… well, to be slaughtered en masse and ethnically clensed from all Kurdish or Shi’ite strongholds. And make no mistake: That is the inevitable consequence of an American withdrawal. The odd truth of this war is that Sunnis are fighting their greatest protector, the American military, which will not permit slaughter on a mass scale, even against the Sunnis, who pretty much deserve it by this point.With the American forces departed, the restraints come off the Shi’ites entirely. What, precisely, will all those militias do when they no longer have American patrols to dodge, or American soldiers to snipe at?

Of course the full force and fury of decades of hatred and desire for vengeance will be visited upon Sunni men, women, and children. What we are seeing as far as “sectarian violence” now is nothing compared to what will transpire when the moderating force of American troops is removed from the equation. If you want to talk to realism — let’s talk realism. Cold-blooded, heartless, amoral utilitarian realism. Rule by men with guns is not a “lawless” situation. It’s in fact the oldest, and most primitive, sort of “law” there is — law by superior numbers and superior military might.

The Sunnis cannot win this war; their plan, to the extent they have one, is to make the country so unstable that some outside force such as — if you can believe this pipe-dream — America itself will come to see them as the only group capable of ruling the fractured, fratricidal country of Iraq and reinstall them as masters of the country.

That, of course, will not happen. The Sunnis will never control Iraq again; the best they can hope for is the success of the American plan to create a stable, peaceful, power-sharing and federalist Iraq in which they have, yes, a disproportionate amount of power, but not the total control they once had.

That’s their best option. The other option — the one they may finally have brought to fruition — is to have no power at all, and to be driven out of the cities into the barren (and oil-free) wastelands of the western deserts, to live out their lives in misery and privation, and to occasionally have these sad lives cut short by Shi’ite gangs raiding villages and killing them by the dozens.


I really have to agree with him on this, go over to Ace of Spades and read the whole thing.



4 Responses to “A Path to “Peace” in Iraq”

  1. John Ryan Says:

    Things are going GREAT in Iraq don’t you think that we are “absolutely winning” ?

  2. No actually, why would you say that? (I know, I know, you can’t help but troll)

    The Coalition is actually doing quite well militarily, things start getting mucked up when you let politicians interfere with the planning and execution of a War, which is what we have today.

  3. Why are you using 3 pica text?
    or is it my browser, 3 pica burn my eyes out.


  4. Barb,
    The font is default for this theme and there is no means to change it other than editing the CSS. What browser are you using?

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