Jihadist’s Critique the ‘Islamic State of Iraq’

I ran across an article by Nibras Kazimi (via Internet Haganah) where he discusses an ongoing dialog amoung certain Jihadists on the Internet regarding the Al-Qeada declared “Islamic State of Iraq”. It is worth reading anyway but even mroe so because he translates quite a bit of it into English from Arabic.

Attiyet-Allah first came into prominence when one of his internet postings criticizing Al-Qaeda in Mesopotamia’s bravado, following the withdrawal of Italian troops, elicited a response from Abu Musa’ab al-Zarqawi in early July 2005, in which the latter was deferential and apologetic to Attiyet-Allah and seemed to be familiar with him. Since then, Atiyet-Allah’s stature has risen among jihadists who repeatedly turn to him for advice on internet discussion boards. The majority of Attiyet-Allah’s responses—more aptly called fatwas, or religious pronouncements—that had been posted on al-Hisbeh website were recently collected and collated as one downloadable file.

Not much is known about Attiyet-Allah, expect a brief and obscure autobiography he gave in reply to a question about his background (that was cross-posted to www.muslm.net during late June and early July 2005, around the same time of the Zarqawi response). In it he says that he is from the Greater Maghrib (which includes Libya, Tunis, Algeria, and Morocco), and that he was 37 years-old (in 2005); married with four children. He joined Islamist circles in the early 1980s while still in secondary school, and studied engineering in college but could not graduate due to the political conditions at the time in his country of origin (…most likely Libya or Algeria). He went to Afghanistan in the early 1990s and witnessed the last phase of the Soviet withdrawal and the fall of Kabul. But he was disheartened by the internecine fighting that followed among the mujaheddin and returned to his country. Then he spent three years studying Islamic law in Mauritania, and now he is self-described as unemployed. He claims to have met Osama bin Laden, as well as some other prominent jihadists.

Go to the Talisman Gate and read the rest of it.


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