Jihad Denied: Islamic Army in Iraq Site (IAIsite.info) Willingly Closed?

Updated for additional translations at the bottom of the post:

The maintainers of the Islamic Army in Iraq’s main public web site seem to have thrown in the towel for now. There have been some major problems with their site lately and it looks like they are giving up for a bit.

The sites content management system and/or backend database crashed a few days ago and evidently they found that discouraging.

The sites main page at http://www.iaisite.info now holds the following text:


The loosley translated text is here:


Looks to me like the site was closed voluntarily, possibly because keeping it online was too much work.

The Islamic Army in Iraq Maintained the following sites as well:

alboraqmedia.org, iaisite.net, iaisite.org (all offline for the reasons stated above).

The propaganda sites lee-flash.blogspot.com, juba-online.blogspot.com and jubaonline.org are still online.

Additional translations via Google:

A statement on the official website closure

The Islamic Army in Iraq

Praise be to God, Lord of the Worlds strong Aziz, the best prayer The delivery has to a prophet Huda prophet saga, and on his family and companions either yet.

Learning how dangerous tyrant American media jihadist the policy in the region are trying each time to strike pain the reality of jihad and forums

And we promise before God Almighty to continue to open more m n these sites.

Foundation Wall media

17 14 284-2-2007?Sunday, 17 Muharram 1428 e 2 – 4-2007

Also via Muslihuun:

Declaration of the change of the shutting down of the official
period of the Islamic Army in Iraq

Praise to Allah lord of the world[,] the powerful[,] the mighty[;]
and the best of blessings and the best salutations upon the prophet
of guidance[,] the prophet of battle, and upon his house and his
companions all together[;] and now…

Learning that the American tyranny is expanding the
importance/consequences of jihadi signs/flags [groups?] in its
politics in its zone and as it strives all the time to strike the
jihadi places and fora but however we promise to Almighty Allah
that we persevere to the victory of the best of these places.

The organization al-Boraq al-a’lamiyah [publicity]

[Sunday, the 17th of Muharram, 1420 AH, the 4th of February, 2007 CE]


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