The Cyber-Jihad Continues

I have proclaimed often and loudly that while the War on Terror rages across the globe, an Information War is being waged in Cyber Space. The goal of Cyber-Jihad is the same, promote and support the spread of Sharia and defeat the perceived enemies of Islam. The efforts of the “Electronic Mujihadeen” are very easy to detect as they boldly use services such as YouTube, Google Video and the Internet Archive to spread their propaganda and training materials with impunity. The E-Mujihadeen has online streaming television stations, radio stations, web sites, forums, encryption capability, file repositories…. the list of resources is nearly inexhaustible.

A favorite tactic of the E-Mujihadeen is to use spread propaganda disguised as legitimate news such as the case of the Fauxtography scandal. Basically a sympathetic stringer will submit a “news” story to a global news provider like the Associated Press, if the story is not vetted properly news outlets world wide may reproduce it verbatim from the AP news feed and the audience is multiplied a thousand fold. This ech chamber effect can be witnessed on Google News as occasionally several different news outlets will carry the same story, with the same title, almost verbatim with credits going to the AP.

This morning MEMRI has released a special dispatch that details an E-Mujihadeens instructions to his peers on how to infiltrate public forums with the goal of lowering Western morale and gaining sympathy for the Mujihadeens cause.

“Raiding American Forums is Among the Most Important Means of Obtaining Victory in the Fierce Media War… and of Influencing the Views of the Weak-Minded American”

“There is no doubt, my brothers, that raiding American forums is among the most important means of obtaining victory in the fierce media war… and of influencing the views of the weak-minded American who pays his taxes so they will go to the infidel American army. This American is an idiot and does not [even] know where Iraq is… [It is therefore] mandatory for every electronic mujahid [to engage in this raiding].”

“It is better that you raid non-political forums such as music forums and trivia forums… which American people… favor… Define your target[ed forum]… and get to know it well… Post your contribution and do not get into… futile arguments…”

Indicate You Are an American

“Obviously, you have to register yourself using a purely American name… Choose an icon that indicates that you are an American, and place it next to your nickname [in the forum].”

“In my experience, the areas most visited in American forums… [are titled] ‘Random Thoughts’ and ‘What’s going on in your mind?’… [The former] takes priority in the American forums, and is highly popular. You should post your contribution there… This should include films of the mujahideen in Iraq, mujahideen publications in English, and images and films of the Americans’ crimes, [such as] killing unarmed civilians in Iraq… etc.”

“Invent Stories About American Soldiers You Have [Allegedly] Personally Known”

“Obviously, you should post your contribution… as an American… You should correspond with visitors to this forum, [bringing to their attention] the frustrating situation of their troops in Iraq… You should invent stories about American soldiers you have [allegedly] personally known (as classmates… or members in a club who played baseball and tennis with you) who were drafted to Iraq and then committed suicide while in service by hanging or shooting themselves…”

“Also, write using a sad tone, and tell them that you feel sorry for your [female] neighbor or co-worker who became addicted to alcohol or drugs… because her poor fiancé, a former soldier in Iraq, was paralyzed or [because] his legs were amputated… [Use any story] which will break their spirits, oh brave fighter for the sake of God…”

MEMRI states this forum posting was located at What I find interesting here and what maynot be readily apparent to most readers is that both the Muhajroon web server and DNS record providers are based in the United States.

The DNS record is hosted by Domains By Proxy located at:

15111 N. Hayden Road, Suite 160
PMB 353
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

The web server hosting the site is located in an IP block belonging to R & D Technologies located at:

Sandy, UT 84094 United States
(801) 561-5641

The web server itself is provided by VersaWeb, located at:

R&D Technologies, LLC
DBA Versaweb Hosting
8395 S Grambling Way
Sandy, UT 84094

Notice a similarity there?

All of this information is located in the IP DNS lookup:

OrgName:    R & D Technologies, LLC
OrgID:      RDTL
Address:    8395 Grambling Way
City:       Sandy
StateProv:  UT
PostalCode: 84094
Country:    US
RegDate:    2004-12-14
Updated:    2006-04-05

AbuseHandle: RAD89-ARIN
AbuseName:   RDTL Abuse Department
AbusePhone:  +1-973-273-5883

AdminHandle: DRE41-ARIN
AdminName:   Reed, Don
AdminPhone:  +1-801-561-5641

TechHandle: RTY1-ARIN
TechName:   Tyree, Robert
TechPhone:  +1-877-690-4900

# ARIN WHOIS database, last updated 2007-03-19 19:10#
Enter ? for additional hints on searching ARIN's WHOIS database.

Netcraft has a complete site report dating from 2005 on this domain, Netcraft also states that “Branzone, Inc. has played a part in hosting and (Surprise!) Sawt Al Jihad (one of Al Qaeda’s many “Media” outlets).

Via Netcraft, the site report for is here, the site report for Sawt Al Jihad is here, and the site report for “Branzone, Inc.” is here.

As is often the case, these services providers are all located in the United States. With the Electronic Jihad well underway it is imperative that Service Providers, Law Enforcement and the civilian sector cooperate in the counter terrorism arena to restrict the propaganda and support efforts of such terrorist groups. Such a counter terrorism effort is quite possible and a mechanism for such collaboration is currently being researched and developed by a division of The Shadowserver Foundation with my participation. You may direct any questions specific to this project to me via the email address listed on the “about” page of this blog.


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