Rusty Takes Down Al Jazeerah, Gets Elusive Fatwa

Rusty is reporting that the editor of the web site has called it quits.

Dr. Rusty Shackleford: Dr. Hassan A. El-Najjar claims in a statement today to be quitting his post as editor-in-chief of his website, al Jazeerah Why? Because of you, the Jawa Report readers.

As you may recall Dr. Hassan A. El-Najjar is a professor who teaches at Dalton State College in Georgia.

Shortly after El-Najjar called it quits we began recieving visits and comments from his supporters. El-Najjar claims he is “peaceful”, but shortly after El-Najjar’s quit, a Death Fatwa was issued against Rusty!

Which pretty much rocks! One of El-Najjar’s supporters commented at MPJ that we were the 87 most blah blah blah, Which speaks to the power of what we are doing. It seems that 87 letters from concerned people were the reason El-Najjar had to stop promoting terror and lending support to our enemy.

The reaction only serves to confirm the importance of the downed editor and his web site to those who support terrorism and murder in the name the name of God/Islam.


6 Responses to “Rusty Takes Down Al Jazeerah, Gets Elusive Fatwa”

  1. I like the c3po finger pic classy!!!

  2. You want that pic don’t you. I can feel your anger, yeaaaasssss, Good, good. Take it, strike the jihadis down with it, and your journey to the dark side will be complete.

  3. Sup Lostson, how’s life treating you?

  4. I read and comment (Infidelsalwayswin) on the Jawa Report most days. Indeed, that’s how I came across this site; it’s listed under ‘fatwa worthy’, which is just another way of saying it’s good.
    Mr. Shackleford et al are doing important work. Also, it’s funny knowing that people who spend all day blaming their multitude of self-inflicted problems on other people and then proceeding to issue death-threats against everybody are getting their medieval panties in a bunch when people direct attention and criticism back at them.

  5. Hi Jerry,
    I see your comments over at TJR on occasion, thanks for stopping by.

  6. Joe Feldman Says:

    Well, good thing to see Dr.Hassan muted for a while. He did seem to do his share of loathing by presenting but one side of an argument. Now, if we really want to get this Middle-East War thing under control,and stop getting our good troops all shot up, we ought take a few moments and reflect upon that loathing from ourselves.

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