Guaranteed Mufti Muzzle

LOL, Allahpundit brings news that anti uncovered meat Mufti Sheik Taj Din al-Hilali will no longer be the Grand Mufti of Australia. If that’s not enough enjoy this youtube, the Sheik once said that he would wear tape over his mouth as punishment for his uncovered meat comments, The Chasers take him up on the offer.

Was that a Muslim threatening violence against the Chasers, who disagree with him? I’m shocked!

Original Guaranteed Mufti Muzzle post here at The Jawa Report.


One Response to “Guaranteed Mufti Muzzle”

  1. That’s fantastic. We need more people to laugh LOUDLY and OFTEN at these buffoon muslim extremists. Oh, and make lots of cartoons of Mohammed.

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