WordPress Hosting Official GIMF Website

Yes that’s right the Global Islamic Media Front is hosted by WordPress.

Dr. Rusty Shackleford via The Jawa Report: The Global Islamic Media Front (GIMF) has issued a call for the online Islamist community to infiltrate Muslim & non-Muslim websites and post propaganda in support of the al Qaeda front group, the Islamic State of Iraq. The publication in support of the Islamic State of Iraq was posted in Arabic, German, French, and English…….We have mentioned these bastards dozens of times, most recently by Howie who believes it was GIMF that was behind the latest spam attack on The Jawa Report. As previously noted, the blogging platform of choice for GIMF happens to be WordPress. This is their German website, hosted by wordpress. And yes, I’m positive this is their official website, since I was able to track Die Zeit’s request for an interview, later broadcast on German TV, to a conversation the journalist had with GIMF in their comment section.

Just to give you an example of just what kind of work The Global Islamic Media Front Does watch this video.

We need your help to get terrorist propagandists off of American servers. To complain to WordPress us this contact information.

security@wordpress.orgOnline form


7 Responses to “WordPress Hosting Official GIMF Website”

  1. Any status update on this?

  2. WordPress refuses to take action. Even though the organizations in question are designated as Foriegn Terrorist Organizations by the US Dept. of State they still provide them hosting. There are “many” of these sites on WordPress.com not just the one mentioned here.

  3. Hmmm, I wonder if any of the other major blog hosts are any different though.

  4. Some are, some aren’t. It depends on the corporate culture of the organization. Some technology services providers won’t do business with Terrorist groups, others will. I won’t get to far into that publicly but if you want to email me I’ll give you the run down.

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