Juba The Baghdad Sniper Video

Did you know he had Blue eyes?

Yeah, one blew this way, the other blew that way.

Hat Tip: Good Lt.

Original Juba The Baghdad Sniper Video post here at Juba Sucks


9 Responses to “Juba The Baghdad Sniper Video”

  1. greyrooster Says:

    Absolutely loved the video. Made my day. Four of us here watching it over and over. Never thought I would enjoy seeing someone die. But I did. Pouring a double. Life is good when a sneak sniper gets what he tried to give. I depise snipers more than sucide bombers. It’s a cowardly thing.

  2. John Ryan Says:

    things are not going well in iraq

  3. So er uh, John. Just what brings you to this post? Google search to see Americans die again?

  4. guianto69 Says:

    Not a good video. No great at all, too much resources for just one guy, god knows who was, and who did not have a weapon, then entered in a small ordinary car, and finally destroyed. !NOt big deal!.

  5. guianto69 Did you watch the video? I mean it starts off with the target sniping with a rifle off a bridge. He carries the rifle back to the car.


  6. The Israelis are killing Americans in Iraq and blaming it on the Iraqi Insurgents.


  7. greyrooster: so you despise the US “sneak snipers” that are putting their asses on the line to help protect yours?

  8. Eighty percent of success is showing up.

  9. Kenneth Sherrod Says:

    Ti is a very good piece, I enjoyed watching it. So many good head shots You know that it was a deadly shot when they put the crosshair on a target that they were doomed.

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