Updated: Cyber Jihadi Wusses Out

Updated by blackflag:

It’s worth mentioning that the editor of Inshallahshaheed (.wordpress.com) was a known member of Al-Qaeda’s “Global Islamic Media Front” (aka: GIMF) . Inshallahshaheed is loosely translated into English as “God Willing, Martyr”, an Islamist killed during an act of violent Jihad is considered a Shaheed and purportedly be delivered to Heaven for an everlasting meeting with his 72 Virgins. The GIMF is best known for releasing terrorist training and beheading video’s and propaganda to the Internet at large, it is a well known and very effective tool for Al-Qaeda. The editor made very little effort to disguise his involvement with the GIMF after he was recruited by a GIMF operative during the GIMF’s recruitment drive back in June of 2007 (more at the Jawa Report). He was very open in his support of Al-Qeada and regularly re-posted “news” releases for the GIMF on his blog. It was only when his website was recently mentioned on national television as an Al-Qaeda resource did he panic and delete the website himself in an effort hide his involvement. It’s really too late for that, his site, and it’s visitors, have been under scrutiny by a multitude of analysts for quite some time. Even though he “deleted” the blog from WordPress.coms servers it has been archived and a good portion is still available at the Internet Archives “Wayback Machine” as well.


I must add that the administrators of WordPress.com were notified by several sources of the existence of GIMF websites (including this one) and chose to take no action until public outcry and media attention was such that it forced a take down. Understandably they can’t discuss this aspect of their business with the public at large but their response has historically been less than timely when notified of a terrorist website using their services. Considerations of “Free Speech” aside, it is illegal (United States Code, Title 18, Part I, Chapter 113B, § 2339B) for a U.S. based technology services provider (like WordPress and Blogspot) to knowingly provide services to a known Foreign Terrorist Organization.

If this particular GIMF operative doesn’t get the attention he deserves from the .gov he will almost certainly return to his Jihadist ways once media attention cools down. When he does the usual group of civilian analysts will be there to monitor and archive his activities as always.


The al-Qaeda supporting slime-bucket who ran The Ignored Puzzle of Knowledge on wordpress was starting to feel the heat. The mujahasbeen scumbag wussed out and deleted his own blog. It won’t help him as the Zionist Internet Cabal has been watching him. He’s toast baby. Expect and update with an arrest soon.

Via The Jawa Report: I promised myself that I wouldn’t give my ‘friend’ Inshallahshaheed from the WordPress hosted al Qaeda support website The Ignored Puzzle of Knowledge’ any more press than he deserves. Inshallahshaheed is at the center of a network of online jihadis that include convicted terrorist Daniel Joseph Maldonado, aka Daniel al Jughaifi. WordPress continues to host the convicted terrorists website.After complaining to WordPress on dozens and dozens of occasions about Inshallahshaheed I pretty much gave up on getting them to play ball. But I also knew that Inshallahshaheed was being investigated, not by the FBI, but by other interested parties. So I stopped writing about that particular website and even discouraged others (like Weasel Zip) from writing about it. Except, of course, in passing reference.

Earlier today, though, I noted that at Rabbi Abraham Cooper mentioned the website at a Simon Wiesenthal Center sponsored event. It now seems that the FBI are taking the website seriously. Finally.

Here’s what his website looks like now.We have a little message for him.


4 Responses to “Updated: Cyber Jihadi Wusses Out”

  1. inshallahshaheed Says:
    The inshallahshaheed blog is back up:

    Not for long, scumbag.

  2. Leaving wordpress eh? Everyone on wordpress wave bye to InshallahShaheed.

    Ya’ll don’t come back, ya hear?

  3. Inshallahshaheed,
    We know about that one (and the other ones) already but feel free to keep us updated as the site moves around, makes life easier for everyone oui?

    Thanks for stopping by,

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