Updated! x2: “Inshallahshaheed” (GIMF) Has a New Home!

 Updated x2:

Samirs latest site for distributing militant Salafi ideology and intolerance is here.  I typically don’t link his (active) site’s but the latest story from the NYT has quite a few “Western” surfers clicking through looking for it. I think they could stand a good dose of what Al-Qaeda in America looks like.


Oh Snap! I wonder if it’s the work of the mysterious “hackers” again (that only target InshallahShaheeds site) that our friend “FalsehoodExsposer” mentions in the comments.


It seems that our favorite mouthpiece for the Global Islamic Media Front here on WordPress.com has had his latest incarnation of a GIMF outlet taken offline for Terms Of Service. I find it hard to believe WordPress.com staff would do that based on past history but it appears to be the case.

A “member” of Inshallahshaheed’s site was kind enough to drop by and update us on the location of his “new” blog. (What happened to your site archives mate? I hate to see all that good GIMF propaganda wasted.) The new site is located here.

The site used to be at “http://inshallahshaheed.wordpress.com” and then it moved to “http://ignoredknowledge.wordpress.com” after the author (Hi!) deleted it in a panic while trying to cover his tracks online.

Several members of the GIMF are currently being tried in Germany for planning terrorist attacks and several more are being sought.

The last WordPress site looks like this:

We’ll just go have a look at the latest incarnation of the site and have a dose of the ‘ole Salafist Ideology for good measure.

Thanks for the update and best of luck with the new digs.


33 Responses to “Updated! x2: “Inshallahshaheed” (GIMF) Has a New Home!”

  1. Looks like his blogs come apart faster than insurgents targeted by AC-130 gunships.
    Less blood and guts though. :)

  2. FalsehoodExposer Says:

    He had Never deleted his blog as you keep on bragging! His blog had been closed down. It is speculated that his blog might have been hacked and deleted. He never paniced about anything, and just recently one of the authors of the blog has done an interview with a popular American newspaper, i think its the New York Times.

  3. Funny, wordpress.com said his blog was “Deleted by the Author” and then it changed to “Suspended for ToS”. How’s the weather in Dahka by the way?

    Got a link to that NYT article? I’d love to read it.

  4. allahakchew Says:

    “FalsehoodExposer” is a little slow to the draw. Inshallahshaheed announced yet another website. Pretty unimformed “F”E aren’t you? How does it feel to be uniformed?

  5. The new site, http://inshallahshaheed.hadithuna.com/

    is no longer…

    Oops! Sorry but the content you requested cannot be found

    This blog has been suspended for violating our

    Terms of Service

    lol I also would love to get a look at the NY Times article.

  6. OMG I must be tired I missed the update.

    It is still funny.

  7. What are you fools talking about? InshAllahShaheed has moved here:


    (Your Salafi buddies can search past my site to find you rookie: ~ed)

  8. The point foolish boy, is that your site is constantly moving.
    Moss does not grow on a rolling stone…?

    Archived goodies.

  9. […] blogging Updated!: “Inshallahshaheed” (GIMF) Has a New Home! @ Blackflag The Web of American Bloggers and The Terrorists They Facilitate @ The Jawa Report […]

  10. inshallahshaheed:
    “What are you fools talking about? InshAllahShaheed has moved here:”

    That’s old news junior, don’t fool yourself into thinking that because we don’t publicly post it we don’t already know it.

  11. X him out! lol

    I believe I will follow your lead. His nick is still linked to his site though. ;)

  12. not any more ;)

  13. inshallahshaheed is down for the third time.

    The caravan of marytars can no longer be found on muslimpad either.

    Plus I know his real name now. I found an old Blogger blog of his last updated Oct 2005.

  14. He’s very public now:

    The NYT

  15. Yes, nice hatchet job by Mr. Moss don’t you think?

    I fixed your hyperlink btw as it was running off the page, Howie’s recent post contains that link already as well.

  16. inshallahshaheed has another WordPress.com blog up. Which he states is temporary, since the muslimpad server is down. Or so he says.

  17. LMAO I just found this referral link in my dashboard.
    Sorry, we couldn’t find http://inshallahshaheed.xzxzx.com/. Here are some related websites:
    Google Dell search page. Can you believe someone searched for that x’d out URL?

    That is just to funny.

  18. Masha’Allah, brother, keep up the good work cause we’re not commanded to give them URLs, we’re command to do good and FORBID evil. –Ahmad–

  19. Hey BF

    Who in the heck is ahmad talking to? I think he is lost.
    Poor widdle thang. Who let him wander about all by himself?

  20. Ahmad you own MySpace? Impressive. LMIAO

    Clue bat: It is not necessary to add a URL in order to comment.
    [roll eyes]

  21. What’s the point of Inshallahshaheed and similar websites? Do they impact US or EU policy? No. Does it help Muslims understand Islam and the hadith and sunnah of the good prophet? No. Have such websites in any way given pause to likes of lunatics such as Bush, Sarkozy, Olmert and other Israel arse kissers? No. There was a time in the life of the good prophet when he did not have the strength of numbers or resources and hence relied on patience & prayer until God enabled him to fight back. What Muslim youth now need more than anything else is a solid education and direction. Without the tools of knowledge and worldly experience, one’s desire to correct an egregious wrong simply becomes a voice in the dark. Get educated and seek empowerment from God thorough prayer and patience. Become successful and in a position to influence decisions and policies. These blogs do nothing more than arouse passions in adolescent jobless and unschooled youth frustrated and angry world and at society and their own families. Read the hadith of Prophet Mohammed (peace be on him) and you will find many similarities to what Muslims are going through now. Become informed, educated and respond intellectually to thwart the loony Evangelists, Zionists and other mad people out there. Besides remember you have t balance this worldly life with that of spiritual. Use your brains not your knuckles.

  22. Brian,
    You know as well as I that the purpose of such blogs is to incite the impressionable to violent Jihad in the name of Allah. This one in particular is meant to regurgitate the insanity of Al-Qaeda, nothing more. You simply subscribe to a more patient method of implementing a new global caliphate, theirs is more direct. You realize this already of course.

  23. Blackflag – “You” mentioned ‘Global Caliphate’ I did not. This is essence of the problem, when you try and interpret for others what they are saying or make statements and falsely apply them to what others stated then you are no different in your intentions and words than the loony tunes at Fox News or that drunk Glen Beck. If you accuse Muslims of intending some weird global conspiracy, then do note that Americans and Israel are not simply talking about it they are actually doing it. Every where you look it death, destruction, misery, poverty, human suffering all because of this insane thrust for oil and helping Israel with its global domination plans. The fact that the “American Bear” has entrenched itself, claws and all with its side-kick Israeli vulture, is not lost on either Muslims at large or the world, and if you repeat the mantra, ‘Israel is under threat’ I will surely throw up.

  24. I do not “try to interpret” your words, you were and concise in your statement. You appear to have the same goal’s as Samir albeit with a method of implementation.

    Save the accusations and verbal maneuvering for someone else, you and I both know what you intended with your original post, to pretend otherwise is insulting.
    “Become successful and in a position to influence decisions and policies.”

    “Become informed, educated and respond intellectually to thwart the loony Evangelists, Zionists and other mad people out there.”

    Additionally, just for fun “Israel is under threat”, think you can get a video of the “throwing up”? I could use a good laugh.

  25. Blackflag, you and the jihadi are two peas in a pod. Both are extremists. Both are blind. You support the other extreme. The jihadi aspires to conquer the world, you make excuses for the US and Israel lunatic fringe policies that indeed see us in every bloody part of the world – uninvited. The jehadi only talks and rants about what should be, while the “Christian and Jewish Jehadis” are in fact involved in oppressive foreign misadventures which have nothing but make “Ossie Bin Lidden” beam with pleasure as these policies are only to the detriment of the US. Israel is of no use to us any longer. Its a blood sucking leech that is sucking us dry. The cold war is over and Israel’s usefulness is now more than redundant. In fact Israel is nothing more than a stumbling block in our policies. Our billions can be far better spent elsewhere. Muslims deserve a country free of US and Western interference, just as the Jews do. If Jews and Evangelists can have special interest groups lobbying for their causes, why not Muslims? I think you and jehadi need to take a stick and beat the shit out of each other.

  26. Methinks you are all mad. Each trying to outdo the other’s insanity. But all in all here are some gratifying facts on Israel in the form of a video. No need to comment. The viewier’s own conscience should be the guide – if his/her conscience exists:

    (link removed as it runs off the page ~bf)

  27. eric

    “The jehadi only talks and rants about what should be,”

    Are you daft? You must be if you truly believe that.

  28. Eric,
    “Blackflag, you and the jihadi are two peas in a pod. Both are extremists. Both are blind. You support the other extreme. The jihadi aspires to conquer the world, you make excuses for the US and Israel lunatic fringe policies that indeed see us in every bloody part of the world – uninvited.”

    Not hardly.

    “I” could really give a damn about “US and Israel lunatic fringe policies” (whatever those are supposed to be). What does concern me is the relative ease with which Salafi’s tend to murder other’s who don’t share their views. The “Global Jihad™” necessitates vigilance on the part of it’s intended victims, those who have a desire for continuing existence anyway.

    This blog specifically deals with the technological aspects of that Jihad and the Salafist mindset that fosters it. Samir Khan is a self avowed Salafi, a member of the GIMF and a prime candidate for Sudden Jihad Syndrome™, therefore, he warrants keeping an eye on.

    What was your issue with this again (other than a general dislike for Israel and US foreign policy)?

  29. Brandon O Says:

    Blackflag – I think we should pause for a bit a study the facts. Is Jeddi a nut – yes. Are all Muslims nuts – no. Is jeddi planning to take over the world – from his parents house?????????? I think its safe to say no. What evidence is there that he belongs to all these blood and gore organizations??? Sounds like a mixed up kid to me looking for any attention he can get and you guys are giving him way too much importance if any is deserved at all. Lets get off this obsession with jeddi and focus on our damn economy. I know one thing this summer was spent here because Europe was too fucking expensive. Shit I could not even afford those damn Irish socks and sweaters. Lets get off this boring as shit subject and focus on mending fences. Give it a try, its a whole lot more interesting. Here read this:
    (link removed, running off the page again)

  30. Hi Brandon,
    Who is this “Jeddi” you speak of? I assume you mean Samir Khan? And in regards to this comment “Are all Muslims nuts – no” I agree wholeheartedly and I do not attempt to paint Muslims with one wide brush. I am very aware of the distinct difference between a secular Muslim and a Salafist/Wahhabist although I don’t think you do.

    Samir, and those like him, are Salafists and that alone makes them a threat that cannot be discounted. He is a member of the Global Islamic Media Front although he now trying to hide it. You realize this of course but judging by your blog your simply a useful tool, a self proclaimed “Active Peace/Civil Rights Worker”, ISM perhaps?

    Whatever the case, you’ve posted twice in this thread with different names (Pig A) and email addresses, don’t sock puppet, pick one and stick with it. Additionally, I’m deleting your link (again) because it runs off the page (again), either learn to use HTML tags or don’t spam your blog here.

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