Inshallahshaheed Shot Down in Flames by Muslimpad

Update 2:

While Howie and I have been teasing the wanna-be Mujahadeen, Velvet Hammer has made the effort to document the gory details, go have a look.

Updated by bf:

Global Islamic Media Front (GIMF) member Samir Khan, age 21, North Carolina, USA.

Nice Mullet.


~~ cont. original post ~~

Ol Sammy’s blog has died again. What? Did your mommy make you take it down? Or was it all those Muslims I emailed asking them to email your provider?

Too bad too, since you made the NYT today.

Inshallahshaheed will never go down, bi idhnillah!

So had the mommy’s basement Jihad been shot down in flames?


Rusty has much much more on Inshallahshaheed here at The Jawa Report.


16 Responses to “Inshallahshaheed Shot Down in Flames by Muslimpad”

  1. Are you having fun man !! looks like it lol

  2. Hey Blackflag

    Believe it or not. inshallahshaheed’s blog at is back up. WTH is going on?

    The caravanofmartyrs blog at has been deleted.

  3. Yeah, that platform was up for a while yesterday too. Then it was down. Now it’s back.

  4. what? InshallahShaheeds site looks pretty fine to me.
    Its seems you and your blogs been postin bogus news about InshallahShaheed every time. You should get a better hobby or atleast TRY to post some accurate and Confirmed news, instead of pointless assumptions you just think of.

  5. Oh shut up, we saw it go down and up and down and back up.

  6. whattha

    I have screenshots to prove it, tool.
    Besides…FYI Inshallahshaheed himself announced it was down. (Which no one was aware of until he managed to squirrel into another account.) Being as it took DAYS to come back up, I honestly thought he was booted off yet another blog host. Perhaps your comments should reflect accurate and Confirmed news, instead of pointless assumptions you just think of.

    Oh and nice fake URL you have there. Did it make you feel like you were somebody. lmao

  7. Come on Whatha, you can do better than that.

  8. hey, velvethammer just cuz ya got an ERROR message doesnt mean his blog was shut down. it was definately technical problems that caused that, besides its usually during technical problems that we get ERROR messages, “tool”. so, you u guys really should get better hobbies than just following this guys blog around and cheering when you Think its shut down, it really makes u guys look stupid when everything u posted turns out false. just advice!

  9. and yeah, it was a Fake site address, and its not mine either. infact, everything about this is fake, im no WhatTha or Fu*kTha, just random names, mails and sites, only posted it cuz its mandatory just to post a comment, so whyd ya even talk about it, u shoulda known better, u know “im not who you think i am” dont ya!

  10. There was no error message. Teh error message was on Caravan of martyrs. It said content deleted. someone covering the fact that a lot of the images on Sammy’s blog came from that addy? I duuno.

    The muslim pad problem seemed to be a SQL db connect issue to me. Why? I dunno it could have been a technical issue, a hack, or someone could have disabled the service intentionally.

  11. by “disable intentionally” I mean turned off the sql server.

  12. I thin the troll is an Islamic Stinker. I didn’t know they had a Chicago chapter.

  13. Hmm..

    Well I admire his ability to communicate in writing.
    His comprehension skills are to be admired as well.
    How can we hope to verbally spar, with such a higher level of intelligence, and come up on top.

  14. Ha, it’s down again. That make me right! right?

  15. You ‘betcha! ;)

    :P fu*ktha


  16. Glad you guys have enjoyed the fun while I was away for the weekend.

    Fu*kTha, you earn a score of FAIL for your rejoinder.

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