It’s been two years already?

On January 31st this blog will be two years old, far older than I expected it ever would be.

I originally created this blog as a place for my “stuff”, mainly links to other sites that I wanted handy and a place to post a bit on IT Security stuff. Stuff I’ve posted here has helped solve technical problems for people that really needed it, I find that very rewarding as giving the advice really didn’t cost me anything at all but time. This blog has always been a casual effort for me, I have no advertisements or sponsors and no effort to make money or gain “fame”. That “crazy blog money” is harder to get than people think and it was never something I was going for. I really appreciate the people who link this site and throw some traffic my way and I’ve always tried to return the favor if I can.

I’ve met a few other bloggers, made a few friends along the way and have actually contributed in a published article or two. The now closed “Clarity & Resolve” was always an inspiration, I owe a thanks to Rusty, Howie and crew from TJR, Aaron at Internet Haganah, Velvet Hammer, Muslihuun, Bugs-n-Gas Gal, 3 Nails Ministries and many many more that I can’t possibly list here. Sorry if I missed you but I don’t want this to be a post full of hyperlinks, I’m sure everyone will understand. Rusty actually gave me an invite to guest blog at Jawa so you may see me pop up over there pretty soon (hey I need to post somewhere).

Now then, you’ve probably noticed that I tend to focus on cyber-crime, security and cyber-terrorism here. What you didn’t know is that I’ve always done other research behind the scenes on these same topics. Because of my training, personal interests and career path security research is only natural for me (I’m a security geek, what can I say). Unfortunately most of this is not stuff people talk about “publicly” that often due to the sensitivity of it all (full disclosure not withstanding). I was privileged enough to have received an invitation,a year or so ago, to do research with The Shadowserver Foundation, this is truly where the “dark arts” are studied and I consider myself very lucky to be able to work with that team of people. Some of my research over there is really starting to take off and I’m very pleased with that and really look forward to watching those efforts develop.

Additionally, I’ve recently made an upward career move and with that comes more responsibility, literally a 24 hour commitment (such is the way of IT staff). My beautiful wife and I are also expecting our second child in a couple of months which brings a set of challenges all it’s own (those of you with children know what I’m getting at here).

That being said, all this blogging and research takes time, lots of time, which I don’t currently have any of, so something has to give. That something is going to be the updating of The Black Flag, I’ll still be around and will always be available by email but updated posts here are going to be a lot less frequent. I have to make a sacrifice somewhere and this is going to be it, my “real life” and my research will continue on. Oh, I’ll still hit this site every day and clean up the comment spam but that’s about it for the next few months until things settle down again.

I check email daily so if you really need to get me thats the best way.

It is what it is, thanks for stopping by.



9 Responses to “It’s been two years already?”

  1. blackflag

    Thanks for the mention. I am quite touched. You are to kind.
    Things are moving along for you at a fast pace. Understandable that you must place this blog aside for the time being.

    And a new baby on the way, how exciting!
    That is enough busy to keep anyone from sitting still for to long.

    Take care,
    – Velvet Hammer

  2. Leapofaith Says:

    Dear Flag, I will look forward to seeing you post when you can at MPJ. Wow, a new baby! I am so excited for you guys. What a wonderful thing — I love the little ones.

  3. Hey guy congrats and it sounds like you are a very busy guy. As always good to see you are still alive and hopefully you will get time to post. Sounds like your doing some very cool research as well. I am envious. Hope all goes well for you and yours!

  4. Two years eh? Congrats one day early! Would also like to thank you for all your help, you are one super person! Don’t let that go to your head now…:)

  5. It’s official, Two Years! Looking forward to your posts at Jawa!

  6. Congrats and thanks for all your help.

  7. DDOS MAN Says:

    This is site will be down soon.

    Cause in the end, we win.

  8. “DDOS MAN”

    What, your going to show me how l33t you are by DDoS’ing the infrastructure?

    Yeah, that’ll impress me.

  9. DDOS MAN Says:

    You got $5? Buy a domain. Meth-head.

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