Ok, I’m back.

Going to change up the look and feel of the blog a bit and get some information posted regarding my current projects.

While you wait on the updates feel free to enjoy some Clutch.


7 Responses to “Ok, I’m back.”

  1. Welcome back mang cant wait to see what your up to, hopefully some dark secret hacking techniques ?? You get out on that scoot at all this summer yet ??

  2. Hey lostson!

    I’ve been working with crawlers for awhile, pretty interesting stuff once you get into it, I’ll be updating more on that pretty soon.

    And yeah, I’ve had the scoot out a bit but it’s tough with a new baby in the house.

    How’s things on your end?

  3. You cant bungee cord the kid to the bike ?? heh naj just kidding I am moving this weekend fun fun..

  4. Have missed our posts. THings are heating up in the Countries around the Horn of Africa, the Sahel, West Africa.

    As fast as they get run our of other places, the Jihadis come back to Africa.

    Terror Financing Schemes are getting more spoisticated.

  5. Hello Shimron,
    I appreciate you stopping by, your site is a very useful source of information on the Maghreb. I’ll get things updated around here shortly.

  6. Popped in her for the halibut, and discovered you rearranged the furniture. Nice new look!

  7. I like halibut.

    I like the new digs myself, I got bored with the other one after a couple of years. I’m still working on the updates but there’s some other items Ive got to clear up before I can post on them too much.

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